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Is there a future for Hellenism? 
 Will Hellenism Survive?
 Do we want to survive as a Hellenic people? 
HELLENIC NATIONAL IDEOLOGY - Golden Formula for Hellenic Survival
by Aristotellis Alexandridis

Εύσέβεια, Παράδοσις, Άρετή

Piety, Tradition, Virtue

Πατρίδα, Ελληνική Εθνική Θρησκεία, Οικογένεια

Homeland, Hellenic National (ethnic)  Religion, Family


1 / Sound knowledge, to give us the tools necessary for the trip.
2 / Sophia - Wisdom, to use the accumulated knowledge of the past that will help us better discover our presence, the "NOW".

3 / Understanding, to accept others who may have a different way to
our own with tact and understanding as we go along or between
or around them in the journey of life or among them or around them on the streets
of our life.
4 / Harmony, so we can accept the natural flow of life.
5 / Creativity, to realize and identify new solutions
to unknown paths on our way.
6 / Strength, to resist fear and move forward, despite the
uncertainty of having no guarantees or payment.
7 / Serenity, to stand firmly on our feet.
8 / Joy to all, always full of songs, laughter, and joy.
9 / Love, the sure guide to the highest level of consciousness in which
man is able to reach.
10 / With UNITY we go back there from where we started, the position where we are
one with ourselves and all other things.

For us the motherland is above all! We are proud Hellenes!
Our movement is a social and religious movement with very important constructive goals for Hellenism and its' survival and progress. We support the study of Hellenic philosophy and the promotion of the Hellenic National Religion.
At the same time, we believe that it is necessary to create celebrations and ceremonies so as to be able to pay our respects to our philosophers who are the fathers of the Hellenes and the Hellenic nation.
Therefore, in Greece and the world it is most important that “real Greeks" who love Greece, Hellenism and the Greek Spirit, to take control of their lives and destination create their own Hellenic religious community branches of our organization or to create there own independent Hellenic Religious Communities.
Για μας η πατρίδα είναι πάνω απ 'όλα! Είμαστε υπερήφανοι Έλληνες!
Το κίνημά μας είναι ένα κοινωνικό και θρησκευτικό κίνημα με πολύ σημαντικούς εποικοδομητικούς στόχους για τον Ελληνισμό και την «επιβίωση και πρόοδο του». Υποστηρίζουμε τη μελέτη της Ελληνικής φιλοσοφίας και την προώθηση της Ελληνικής Εθνικής Θρησκείας. Ταυτόχρονα πιστεύουμε ότι είναι ανάγκη να δημιουργήσουμε γιορτές και τελετές ώστε να τιμούμε τους φιλοσόφους μας που είναι οι πατέρες των Ελλήνων και του Ελληνικού Έθνους.
Επομένως, στην Ελλάδα και στον κόσμο είναι σημαντικό ότι οι «πραγματικοί Έλληνες» που αγαπούν την Ελλάδα, τον Ελληνισμό και το Ελληνικό Πνεύμα, να αναλάβουν τον έλεγχο της ζωής και του προορισμού τους ... και να δημιουργήσουν της δικές τους ελληνικές κοινότητες, δηλαδή τμήματα της ένωσής μας ή δικές τους ανεξάρτητες ελληνικές θρησκευτικές κοινότητες...
For us the homeland is above all. We are proud ethnikoi who believe that we Greeks must support our motherland "Greece" at all times.
We must do everything in our power to make Hellas a proud and special nation once again. We Greeks need to create the philosophy of brotherhood, love and family support for each other around the world.That is, we must behave like one big family, always coming to each other's support, assistance and help !!
Για μας η πατρίδα είναι υπεράνω όλα! Είμαστε περήφανοι εθνικοί και εθνιστές!
Εμείς οι Έλληνες πρέπει να υποστηρίζουμε τη μητέρα Ελλάδα μας ανά πάσα στιγμή. Πρέπει να κάνουμε το παν για των Ελληνισμό ώστε να μπορέσουμε να ξαναγίνουμε ένα σπουδαίο έθνος.
Εμείς οι Έλληνες πρέπει να δημιουργήσουμε την φιλοσοφία της αδελφοσύνης, αγάπης και οικογενειακής υποστήριξης ο ένας για τον άλλον σε όλο τον κόσμο.
Δηλαδή, πρέπει να συμπεριφερόμαστε σαν μια μεγάλη οικογένεια, πάντα να ερχόμαστε στη βοήθεια του ενός του άλλου και πάντα να υποστηρίζουμε ο ένας τον άλλον!!
We also urge all Hellenes to exert pressure on all successive Greek governments to introduce the teaching of our ancient Hellenic language in our primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities.
Καλούμε επίσης όλους τους Έλληνες να ασκήσουν πίεση σε όλες τις διαδοχικές ελληνικές κυβερνήσεις να εισαγάγουν τη διδασκαλία της αρχαίας ελληνικής γλώσσας στα δημοτικά μας σχολεία, τα γυμνάσια, τα λύκεια και τα πανεπιστήμια.
Υποστηρίζουμε την αρμονία και συνεργασία όλων των ομάδων και κοινοτήτων στο κίνημά της "ΕΠΑΝΕΛΛΗΝΙΣΗΣ.
We support the harmony and co-operation of all the community groups in the "re-Hellenization" movement.
On April 9, 2017, the Greek government officially recognized YSEE and its Hellenic National (ethnic) Religion as a “known” religion, granting it the right to openly worship, build religious Hellenic temples, perform marriages and funerals, and write their religious beliefs on birth certificates.

 We firmly believe and are fighting to have all the organizations of the Hellenic Religion,  to be granted the same legal rights by the Hellenic Republic.

We believe that the Hellenic Republic must treat under the law all of its citizens equally and fairly.

Στις 9 Απριλίου 2017, η ελληνική κυβέρνηση αναγνώρισε επίσημα το Υ.Σ.Ε.Ε. και την ελληνική εθνική θρησκεία ως «γνωστή» θρησκεία, παρέχοντάς της το δικαίωμα να λατρεύει ανοιχτά, να χτίζει θρησκευτικούς ελληνικούς ναούς, να εκτελεί γάμους και κηδείες και να γράφει τις θρησκευτικές πεποιθήσεις στα πιστοποιητικά γέννησης.

Πιστεύουμε ακράδαντα και αγωνιζόμαστε ώστε να έχουν  όλες οι οργανώσεις της Ελληνικής Θρησκείας,  τα ίδια νομικά δικαιώματα από την Ελληνική Δημοκρατία.

Πιστεύουμε ότι η Ελληνική Δημοκρατία πρέπει να χειριστεί σύμφωνα με το νόμο όλους τους πολίτες της εξίσου και δίκαια.
For us it is not enough to just conduct our religious ceremonies once a week or once a month....
We also believe it is important for our communities to participate in charitable work. For our members to be alive and active members of society, helping people in need. Helping those with problems and challenges that may be in desperation and need special attention and care from us.
Also to help those who are alone to be able to come back into contact with other people, make friends, relationships and be able to rebuild their lives.
Για εμάς δεν αρκεί να διεξάγουμε μόνο τις θρησκευτικές τελετές μας μία φορά την εβδομάδα ή μία φορά το μήνα ....
Πιστεύουμε επίσης ότι είναι σημαντικό για τις κοινότητες μας να συμμετέχουν σε φιλανθρωπικά καθήκοντα. Να είναι τα μέλη μας ζωντανά και ενεργά μέλη στην κοινωνία, βοηθώντας τους ανθρώπους που έχουν ανάγκη. Βοηθώντας εκείνους με προβλήματα και προκλήσεις, που μπορεί να είναι στην απόγνωση και χρειάζονται ιδιαίτερη προσοχή και φροντίδα από εμάς.
Επίσης πρέπει να βοηθηθούν όσοι είναι μόνοι ώστε να μπορούν να ξαναγυρίσουν σε επαφή με άλλους ανθρώπους, να κάνουν φίλους, σχέσεις και να μπορέσουν να ξανακτίσουν τη ζωή τους.
*** In the Hellenic tradition our lives are about reaching the highest level of virtue.
Therefore we do good because it is the right thing to do.
We participate in philanthropy because it is the correct thing to do.
We become benefactors because it is what human beings must do.
We do not do any of the above in order to obtain a benefit or a reward of any kind in return.
As Hellenes living a life of virtue is everything for us !!!!
*** Στην ελληνική παράδοση η ζωή μας είναι για την επίτευξη του υψηλότερου επιπέδου της αρετής.
Ως εκ τούτου, κάνουμε το καλό επειδή είναι το σωστό.
Συμμετέχουμε στην φιλανθρωπία γιατί είναι η σωστή πράξη.
Γινόμαστε ευεργέτες επειδή είναι αυτό που πρέπει να κάνουν τα ανθρώπινα όντα.
Δεν κάνουμε κανένα από τα παραπάνω για να λάβουμε όφελος ή κάποια ανταμοιβή οποιουδήποτε είδους σε αντάλλαγμα.

Ως Έλληνες προσπαθούμε ζούμε μια ζωή της αρετής, αυτό είναι το πάν για μας !!!

This is what our Union and our Hellenic National Religion and Honour is all about....we welcome you to join us in this great quest and challenge.

Αυτός είναι ο στόχος και σκοπός της Ένωσης Ελλήνων Εθνικών (Ε.Ε.Ε.) Λατρευτική Κοινότητά Δελφών και της Ελληνικής Εθνικής Θρησκείας και Τιμής .... σας καλωσορίζουμε να συμμετάσχετε μαζί μας σε αυτή τη μεγάλη προσπάθεια και πρόκληση.

Life is a gift of God (Gods) to us, the way we balance and live our lives is
Our gift to God (the Gods).

UNION of ETHNIC HELLENES - Hellenic National Religion and Honour

ΈΝΩΣΗ ΕΛΛΉΝΩΝ ΕΘΝΙΚΏΝ ( ήμαστε ΕΘΝΙΚΟΊ) - Ελληνική Εθνική Θρησκεία και Τιμή

Who we are - What we stand for:

We HELLENES are an integral part of the organic
Hellenic National Religion, participating in the wider Movement
for “Epanellinisi” (Re-Hellenization of the Hellenic people)

We stand for the restoration of authentic Hellenic Identity,
rejecting the sad and schizophrenic perception of Judaeo-

Hellenism and Christianity are two diametrically opposed concepts,
completely impossible to reconcile or be reconciled upon the foundations of
common sense and logic.

For a Greek person, Logic is the only perspective through which
one can know the world. The spineless and servile faith,
genuflections and phobic response of the Divine are concepts
foreign to the Greeks. Instead, the prime requisite for
Hellenism, namely “Eleftheroprepeia”, is the boldness and general
proud ideal of life, Christianity stands for sins.

How can we make some reason (sense) of Greek-Christianity, when the
two elements that are trying to synthesize, in fact contradict one another?
Our objectives and Activities
• The establishment of a systematic study of Hellenism as a Subject, also
all other matters relating thereto.
• The solidarity of our members - especially at the spiritual level.
• The fight against the systematic denigration of Hellenism and
the good name of Greeks - both external and internal enemies.
• Creating a spiritual center for national self-awareness and
to serve the needs of Hellenism.
• The formation of authentic Greek Communities.
• Ensuring the basic right of freedom of worship for
Greeks who wish to honor the motherland and the Hellenic National Religion & Honour.
• Systematic training of those wishing to study Greek in
depth, i.e. Greek Issues (Philosophy, History, Art, etc.)
• The acceptance and promotion of all the above are our goals.
*Η αγάπη μας και η αφοσίωση στη χώρα μας τη μητέρα Ελλάδα και στον Ελληνισμό, πρέπει πάντοτε να αποτελεί προτεραιότητα για όλους μας.
*Our love and devotion to our mother country Greece and to Hellenism, must always be a priority for all of us!
* Our main goal is to make a contribution so that we do not disappear or become extinct as a race, so that we may survive as a Hellenic people, with our Hellenic National Religion and Honour, our Hellenic language, our Hellenic civilization and Hellenic spirit in tact!

We are very proud to be participants in the Hellenic way of life, we are very proud to be followers and admirers of Hellenic philosophy and culture!!!

We are very proud to say that we are not influenced by a foreign Jewish philosophy and lifestyle!!!

We are very proud to have a Hellenic interpretation and conception of the "Divine", instead of a foreign Jewish one!!!

We are very proud of our Hellenic ancestors and their many magnificent achievements, the fantastic civilization they created, the best ever contribution to mankind!!!

We are very proud that we do not ridicule our ancestors as many Christians do, but instead hold them in our hearts and their memory with the greatest respect and gratitude!!!

We are eternally grateful for the fantastic legacy they left us with, the one that people from all over the world admire and thus come as tourists to our beautiful country to take in and enjoy!!!

We love the Hellenic National Religion and Honor

It is the duty of all of us to study the written works of our ancient Greek philosophers, who are the true “Fathers” of the Hellenic nation and people!!!

 Στην Ελληνική Εθνική Θρησκεία και Τιμής γιορτάζουμε το συμβολισμό και τις διδασκαλίες των Θεών μας.

Επίσης γιορτάζουμε τη γέννηση ... τη ζωή και τις διδασκαλίες των αρχαίων Ελλήνων φιλοσόφων μας, ... οι προπάτορες μας... και Πατέρες του Ελληνικού Έθνους και λαού !

In the Hellenic National Religion and Honor we celebrate the symbolism and the teachings of our Gods.

We also celebrate the birth...the lives and the teachings of our ancient Ηellenic philosophers.....our forefathers and Spiritual Fathers of the Hellenic Nation and people!

We care about the well being of the Hellenic people all over the world!
We are dedicated to the survival of Hellenism in the AMERICAS, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA, EUROPE and ASIA!

All Hellenes love motherland Hellas and Hellas loves all of her children!

Let Love and Virtue be Your Guide........

The Hellenic Republic and the Hellenic people are faced with a big threat/danger, like many other small nations and people around the world. This threat/danger is called globalization which is like a powerful river which does not leave anything standing in its path. It sweeps away identity,language,culture and traditions.This threat/danger is huge for Greece because other nationalities from the bigger countries of the European Union could settle with large numbers permanently in Greece and change the racial/homogeneous fabric of the ‘Greek’ nation.

Greece is also in peril if another ethnic group or country with a huge population which cannot be assimilated e.g .such as when/if Turkey becomes a member of the E.U .Another threat/danger for Greece is the large number of Muslim illegal immigrants coming into the country every year.

Ύπουλες και σκοτεινές μέρες έχουμε μπροστά μας...
*** Πρέπει επίσης να λάβουμε σοβαρά υπόψη μας ότι με τις νέες αναδυόμενες Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες της Ευρώπης με πολιτική αποδοχής πολλών εκατοντάδων και χιλιάδων νόμιμων και παράνομων μεταναστών, όλες οι μικρές χώρες αυτής της ομοσπονδίας θα αντιμετωπίσουν την απειλή απώλειας των εθνικών εθνοτήτων την ταυτότητά τους, τις γλώσσες τους και τις εθνικές τους παραδόσεις. Θα βρεθούν αντιμέτωποι με την προοπτική να χάσουν τον δικό τους εθνοτικό τρόπο ζωής.
Με άλλα λόγια, εμείς οι Έλληνες μπορούμε ακόμη και να γίνουμε μειοψηφία στη δική μας χώρα;;;
Ως εκ τούτου, η μεγάλη πρόκληση που έχουμε μπροστά μας είναι να βρούμε έναν τρόπο επιβίωσης στη δική μας πατρίδα και σε αυτή την ομοσπονδία ως Έλληνες, με τη δική μας ελληνική γλώσσα και τη δική μας ελληνική ταυτότητα κλπ.
Η εναλλακτική λύση θα είναι ο θάνατος του ελληνισμού, το τέλος της ύπαρξης του ελληνικού μας λαού, η ελληνική μας γλώσσα και η ελληνική μας ταυτότητα ... από το πρόσωπο της γης

* Είναι καθήκον μας, με σεβασμό και τιμή προς στους Θεούς και στους προγόνους μας, ότι ποτέ δεν θα επιτρέψουμε αυτό να συμβεί!!!! 

Cunning and dark days are coming...
*#*# We must also take seriously into consideration that with the new emerging United States of Europe with a policy of accepting many hundreds and thousands of legal and illegal immigrants, all the small countries of this federation, will be faced with the threat of losing their national ethnic identities, their languages and their national traditions. They will be faced with the prospect of losing the own ethnic way of life.

In other words, we Greeks might even become a minority in our own country?

Therefore the great challenge before us will be to find a way to survive in our own motherland and in this federation as Hellenes, with our own Hellenic language and our own Hellenic identity etc.

The alternative will be the death of Hellenism, the end of the existence of our Hellenic people, our Hellenic language and our Hellenic identity...from the face of the earth.

***  It is our duty, with respect and honour to our Gods and our ancestors that we will never allow this to happen!!!

To see mixed marriages whereby for example a Russian marries a German, a German marries an Albanian, an Albanian marries a Romanian etc. is a positive scenario. In this way no other ethnic group or groups will pose a threat to the Hellenic people, because these immigrants will become Hellenized and assimilated very quickly from one generation to the next and the Hellenic people will not become a minority in their own country.

In the diaspora mixed marriages  may = The death of the Hellenic language and the disappearance, the extinction of the Hellenic people (the genocide of Hellenism).

Friends when we are talking about mixed marriages, our intentions are not to vilify or attack those in a mixed marriage situation, but rather to point out and debate sensibly the many side-effects and negative aspects that these marriages may have on the survival of Hellenism and us as a Hellenic people!

We need to have more love and understanding of each other in the Hellenic communities of the Diaspora, so that we may have an on-going dialogue to find out what is in the best interests of our people!!!

All people strive for what is in their best interests, we are no different!

To be proud of your identity, to be proud of your people and to care about their well being and survival is not an evil thing, but “Just, Honorable and Virtuous”.

We are all about love, compassion, and understanding, not about demonizing those in mixed marriages!

We should show love and affection to those that have married Hellenes. We should make them feel welcome (inclusive) in our Hellenic community and accept them as one of us.

It is up to us, the Hellene in the marriage to demonstrate to our future partner that we are committed to our Hellenism and to demonstrate in a mature and sensible fashion how important it is for us that we maintain the covenant between the Hellenic People and God (our Gods), that it is very important for us that our children receive a Hellenic education, identity  and culture so as they too are able to participate and fulfill their promise made to the Gods by our forefathers and ancestors and is binding throughout the ages for all Hellenes!

It is equally important to be honest and to mention that they will be expected to embrace Hellenism and to become a part of the Hellenic family.

It is important that the aloethnikos person contemplating in entering into a marriage contract with a Hellene, be aware of what is expected of them. Honesty in a marriage is the bond and bridge that binds a family together in a loving and caring relationship.


The Jews in the Diaspora almost always marry other Jews. They have large families, their population always growing and they are resilient, determined and committed to remain Jews from one generation to the next.


Friends, would you say that the Jewish religion is an ethno - specific religion to the Jewish people......a very constructive and powerful tool for the Jewish people?
Does it assist in the protection, the promotion, the maintenance of the Jewish ethnicity, language, culture and identity?
Is Christianity a universal (ecumenical) religion, non ethnic specific to any nationality?
Is Islam a universal religion, non ethnic specific to any nationality ?
Is agnosticism non ethnic specific to all ethnicities and nationalities?

Is "Atheism" non ethnic specific to all ethnicities and nationalities?


Of course Judaism is a national ethnic specific religion and has a clear role to do all of the above for the Jewish people.

The Christian ecumenical s must answer what is their role in these national, racial issues concerning ethnic and linguistic identity maintenance etc. mentioned above.

The "atheists" are excluded because they simply express a denial of religion and do not give ethical answers to the issues referred to above; they are in a sterile state of denial. They, and their philosophy do not assist in anyway a nation of people to sustain themselves ethnically or linguistically with their own identity.
Theological interpretation and differences with the Abrahamic religions…

The Christians, Jews and Muslims use the term "we believe" in their theology as being the "absolute truth".

How can they know this, when the Jews invented their God and named him YAHWEH ?...when they either plagiarized from others or invented everything in their holy book, the TORAH - OLD TESTAMENT ?

However in Hellenic theological terms "we believe" does not have the same meaning. When we say "we believe", it actually means, NOMIZOMEN. In other words after researching and understanding the Cosmos and all things in it and achieving our religious assessment, using our logic and common sense, we say, "We Think" this is our universal truth.

Θεολογική ερμηνεύσει και διαφορές με της Αβρααμαϊκές θρησκείες ...

Οι Χριστιανοί, οι Εβραίοι και οι Μουσουλμάνοι χρησιμοποιούν τον όρο "πιστεύουμε" στη θεολογία τους ως την "απόλυτη αλήθεια".

Πώς μπορούν να το ξέρουν αυτό, όταν οι Εβραίοι επινόησαν τον Θεό τους και τον ονόμασαν YAHWEH - ΓΙΑΧΒΕ;;;;....όταν έκαναν λογοκλοπή από άλλους λαούς ή απλός επινόησαν τα υπόλοιπά στη βίβλο τους, το ΤΟΡΑ - ΠΑΛΑΙΑ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ ;;;

Ωστόσο, στους ελληνικούς θεολογικούς όρους «το πιστεύουμε» δεν έχει το ίδιο νόημα. Όταν λέμε "πιστεύουμε", στην πραγματικότητα σημαίνει, NOMIZOMEN. Με άλλα λόγια, αφού ερευνήσουμε και κατανοήσουμε τον Κόσμο - ΣΥΜΠΑΝ και όλα τα πράγματα σε αυτόν και επιτύχουμε τη θρησκευτική μας εκτίμηση, χρησιμοποιώντας τον νου και την κοινή λογική μας, λέμε: "ΝΟΜΙΖΟΜΕΝ " ότι αυτή είναι η οικουμενική αλήθεια μας. 


All minorities (except for Jews) in the Diaspora, through mixed marriages and lack of resilience,spine, commitment and determination dwindle in population, disappear and become extinct from one generation to the next.


Ω πολύ-πολιτισμός(αυτή η πολιτική) συμφέρει τους 'Ελληνες της διασποράς (που μένουν μόνιμα στο εξωτερικό). Αλλά αυτή η πολιτική του πολύ-πολιτισμού μέσα στην 'Ελλάδα, δεν συμφέρει την Ελλάδα!
Μέσα στην Ελλάδα θα ήτο καλό όλοι η μετανάστες να αφομοιωθούν και να ελληνοποιηθούν πλήρως.

A policy of multiculturalism is good for the Hellenic people of the Diaspora! However this policy is not good for the Hellenic Republic. In Greece it would be beneficial for Greece to assimilate and to Hellenize completely all the countries immigrants and minorities.

Αυτό που ξέρω πολύ καλά είναι, ότι αν δεν αφομοιώσουμε τους μετανάστες θα καταντήσουμε μειονότητα μέσα στην ίδια πατρίδα μας και θα τα χάσουμε όλα!

We are a small nation, with a very small population and if we become a minority in our own mother country, we will lose everything!

Είμαστε ένα μικρό έθνος, με πολύ μικρό πληθυσμό και αν γίνουμε μειονότητα στη μητέρα πατρίδα  μας, θα χάσουμε τα πάντα!

However if we wish to have a greater protection and success in surviving as a Hellenic people it will be necessary to differentiate ourselves from other ethnicities and people with our own religion, which will promote Hellenic civilization, identity, language, culture and traditions so that when mixed marriages with Greeks take place, the non-Greek to become totally assimilated with Hellenism. Within a Hellenic National Religion & Faith everyone will learn about the forefathers of the Hellenic people and not about the forefathers of a foreign nation and its people. They will learn about the history and civilization of the Hellenic people and thus be able to adopt a Hellenic consciousness, Hellenic pride and a love for the Hellenic Republic and its people.

The threat/danger from assimilation and extinction is enormous for the Hellenic people of the Diaspora. This powerful river of forced assimilation truly does not leave anything standing in its path. The greatest threat to Hellenic survival in the Diaspora is that of mixed marriages. The “Greek” orthodox Christian religion and Church cannot protect the Hellenic people from mixed marriages, nor can it protect and preserve Hellenic identity etc. in mixed marriages. Because we share this Christian religion with many other countries and people, this same Christianity opens the door and creates bridges that promote mixed marriages and the extinction (disappearance) of the Hellenic people.

The Hellenic children who are brought up with a “Hellenic orthodox Christian religious education” in time when they grow up and mature become delusional and disappointed and distance themselves from this religion (Hebrew-Jewish religion) when they realize that this religion never taught them anything about their own ancestors, their forefathers and nothing about their own Hellenic civilization, but instead taught them the history, tradition and the civilization of a foreign people and country. In other words this orthodox Christian religion promoted and taught them about the heroes of another country and its people. This foreign religion never taught them, never promoted to them their own Hellenic heroes, never taught them about their own Hellenic Fathers of the Hellenic Nation. In no way did this religion ever make them feel a sense of pride about their own Hellenic identity, nor did this religion ever help them to achieve their own Hellenic consciousness, strength and security.(Christianity teaches our children the religion and the history of the ancient Jewish people, and what they made up for themselves, in order to create an identity and meaning for themselves as a people).

This is why it is important and necessary for our Hellenic people in the Diaspora to religiously differentiate ourselves from other ethnicity's and nationalities with our own religion i.e. Hellenic National Religion and Honour which will better protect and promote Hellenism. A movement such as this which will be ethno-specific  to our needs as Hellenes, with the good and decent meaning of this expression,  and which will protect and promote the Hellenic identity, civilization, language, history and culture. A movement which will be embodied with a beautiful sweet Hellenic religious definition, which will assist our Hellenic people of the Diaspora to survive as a PEOPLE with our own identity, language and culture. An ideological foundation of this nature is absolutely necessary for our Hellenic people of the Diaspora if we want to survive, if we do not want to disappear and become extinct and if we want to take back all that is spiritually and historically ours.

Many Hellenes realize that our differences, our diversity, racially, ethnically and linguistically is a gift from the Divine, that it is our duty to protect and to maintain this important diversity find themselves questioning and challenged as to how best to participate and to contribute in this divine duty. They realize that it is the divine duty of each ethnicity to maintain their very own language and identity.
In this quest they question their religion if they are Christians, to see if this assists them or indeed is an obstacle.
When they read the Old Testament and discover that the Christian God in the story of the Tower of Babel punishes the people by supposedly imposing on them different languages so that they cannot communicate with each other so that they cannot finish this tower, they come to the realization that Christianity poses a huge obstacle.
They also realize that Christianity is not ethno - specific to these needs of any people or ethnicity, but rather Christianity plays a universal religious role only, that its message is only to be saved through Jesus Christ  from a supposed SIN. It therefore does not participate in the duty of maintaining the Divines sacred diversity.
With further study they learn that in the Hellenic National Religion this is a very important sense of duty to the Divine and is at the core of our Hellenic Religion.

We love the Hellenic National Religion and Honor

The only way for us as a Hellenic People to become truly independent is to return to our very own Hellenic National Religion and to become economically independent so that we never need to depend on other people, on any other ethnicities and nationalities. To achieve this aim we must be united, we must always support and assist each other at all times throughout the world wherever we may reside.


‘Όταν μισείς τους πάντες και τα πάντα......
Στο τέλος το αποτέλεσμα του μίσους 

είναι η αυτοκαταστροφή σου!


When you hate everyone and everything……
You end up destroying yourself!

In the Greek tradition, if we respect and appreciate ourselves we will never think of doing harm to our fellow man.

If in case we harm someone unwittingly or intentionally, first we must admit and understand our mistake, to feel true remorse, so as to be able to transform ourselves into a better and superior form of human person...

"When we commit a breach or an injustice against others, the only way to atone for our injustice is first of all to apologize to those who we have wronged and to seek their forgiveness, also we must compensate those who we have wronged". 

Secondly we must give our oath to the gods that we will never commit these violations towards others, we will never repeat this injustice or commit other offenses against anyone.

Then, to be able to repair any damage that our actions may have caused, we must seek to become better people ourselves, better individuals and human beings, and to strive for perfection and virtue in our daily lives.
To do good deeds in our society and community for the good of others.
To become good philanthropists in a way that will benefit everyone in society and our community especially to those who need the most help.

We are not born perfect, but we have a sacred duty to seek perfection and virtue. 

{When one is baptized, when they are just a few months old does not imply the free will of that person, but rather the opposite, the free will of that person has been abrogated!!!

It is only correct and right for that person when they have grown up and matured to be able to make a free choice based on their personal convictions and conscience to make the decision whether they wish to stay with the religion and traditions others chose for them or to make a change!

It is a very serious decision to make and one does not do so lightly.

In doing so you question your conscience and the principles and values that are important to you and your reason for being in this world and the direction you wish to take. Many other values also come on board and are considered.

One needs to use their own free will and judgment to return to the authentic religion and traditions of their own ancestors!

We are very proud and happy with our decision. Many people just do not have the strength to search and research what they are actually brought up to believe!

Let alone to find the courage and strength to make a change, based on their convictions principles, values and desires!!!

 Only when we exercise our own free will, can we be considered truly a free person!}


The Hellenic National Religion defines our national identity over and above any other element!!!

[Our identity is meaningful only through religious terms; otherwise we become a constellation of faded memories. The national-ethnic- culture, historical memory, are not enough for our survival. The crucial question is what requirements have the Gods from us the Hellenic people.
The will and advice of the immortal Gods is for us a moral compass. Without it we cannot safely navigate the journey of time. If we forget even for one second that we belong exclusively and integrally to our Gods, we will be devoured by others and we will be assimilated by other nations and people around us.
A secular identity, based on language and culture, can sustain a Greek population for possibly 3 to 4 generations. After this assimilation of the Greek population by the “Ambient linguistic and racial majorities “takes place, and we disappear forever from history. That's why groups and movements based on ethnicity and restrictive culture alone disappear over time.
Unlike other nations, (except for the Jews) we Greeks define our identity vertically in relation to the gods. The vertical self-definition includes all the highest Greek values, the virtues of: eternity, destiny, diversity, uniqueness, exclusivity, continuity.
Horizontal self-identification used by other peoples, usually made up of the geographical homeland and a common culture, cannot on its’ own determine and sustain a people.

If the Hellenic people adopt the self-determination horizontal approach of other nations, we will disappear from history and we will begin to suffer from the syndrome of insecurity, lack of national pride, and low self-esteem.
The Hellenic National Religion reveals to the faithful the uniqueness of our “Native Gods”. Forged exclusivity in relation to the Gods and the Hellenic people. It blesses the differences of Hellenes and (alloethnis) non-Greeks. Without these pillars it is not worth talking about Greek identity.
The huge difference in other peoples lies not only in the Greek genetic material, but mostly in the Hellenic Religion. This makes us Hellenes different from other peoples, and protects us from the curse of assimilation.
If we did not belong to our “Native Gods”, we would be one common people with the alloethnis (non-Greeks). Our big difference is not guaranteed so much by what we are, but in what we are called on by the Gods to be!]

The Jewish people discovered and have put into practice very successfully what we express here. That is why they are never assimilated and never disappear from one generation to the next. They, through their national religion and their relationship with their God (their God Yahweh), remain loyal to one another and to their group-identity-nationality! Therefore, their population around the world is always on the increase!!!

{In fact we admire enormously the Jewish people for the way they protect and preserve their identity, language, culture, traditions and their own religion!!!!

At least they do not have a foreign religion which was imposed on them by foreign occupiers like we do!!!

Yes with mixed marriages where one of the partners is Jewish, definitely the Jewish culture and identity is the one that the children will follow.

This shows loyalty, commitment, dedication and determination from the Jewish side.

Jewish people understand who they are, what they are and where they are going; they are committed to their cause as Jews!!!

We Greeks at this point of time in comparison are like lost sheep in the wilderness!!!  It is in our power to change this situation now, all that is required of us is will power and an honest appraisal and understanding of who we really are and what we are all about as a Hellenic people!!!}

For us Hellenes, our wealth, our inheritance is found/secured in the will and testament of our ancient forefathers i.e., what I would term the “ELLINIKI KAINI DIATHIKI” ‘Ελληνική Καινή Διαθήκη’ (Hellenic National Code), is our very own testament which is the common wealth of the Hellenic people. ELLINIKI KAINI DIATHIKI of the Hellenic National Religion and Honour = the history of the Hellenic people, all the Hellenic writings of our ancient Greek philosophers (Fathers of the Hellenic Nation), the ancient Hellenic religion welded together with a modern religious interpretation and understanding, make up the KAINI DIATHIKI TON ELLINON ‘Καινή Διαθήκη των Ελλήνων’.



*Symbol of the Hellenic National Religion.
*Symbol of loyalty and dedication to the Hellenic republic and people.
*Symbol of Hellenic identity.
*Symbol of Hellenic unity.
*Symbol of the united Greek nations-birth.



*Dedication to the Hellenic National Religion & Honor.
*Love and dedication to our mother country Hellas.
*Love and dedication to the Hellenic nation.
*Love and dedication to the Hellenic civilization, language, identity and tradition.
*Deep love, affection and respect to the memory of our forefathers and ancestors.


The Sun of Vergina ( "Star of Vergina") is a symbol that was used by the Ancient Greeks. Although the Sun of Vergina is a Greek symbol, it became famous because of the Greek Macedonians, who used it as a symbol of the royal dynasty of the ancient Greek speaking Kingdom of Macedonia - (City State of Macedonia).

The Greek File gives one all the information and images that show the history and significance of
this important symbol in Ancient Greece.

The typical Sun of Vergina, consists of 16 points ( rays). We also see it with 12 or even 8-rays of the sun. The sun with sixteen rays (or points – tips) represents the following: the 4 rays represent the 4 elements, LAND - SEA - FIRE - AIR and the other 12 rays represent the 12 Gods of Olympus.
(Missing are the names which explain the 16 rays.)

The Sun of Vergina, represents the symbol of virginity (purity). So usually we see this ancient Greek symbol, for the virgin goddess Athena. But in several other cases, it can Identify with Apollo.

The Sun of Vergina became a common symbol of ancient Greece and it is found on coins, pottery, paintings and statues, long before the Macedonia kingdom and the dynasty of Argos.
Sixteen pointed tip - Suns are often presented in Macedonian and other Hellenistic coins and shields of antiquity. There are also a number of illustrations of Athenian soldiers carrying an identical sixteen pointed star symbol on their armor, from the 6th century, and coins from the islands to mainland Greece, as in Corfu, findings 5th BC century at Lokrida, and 4th BC century.

After the union of the Greeks under the leadership of Alexander the Great, the Sun of Vergina became the main symbol of the united Greek

The Jewish religion is not only a religion but a Jewish national ideology (nationalism), a national movement to help the Jewish people survive and to help them to achieve their aspirations and goals as a nation and people.

Are all religions a series of man - made, man- created, hypothetical assumptions and
Are all religions a creation of man?

Judaio-Christianity is founded on blind and sterile DOGMA.
Hellenism is founded on logic, free question all things and to research everything!!
Judaio-Christianity and Hellenism are there for diametrical opposites.
The two are not compatible with one another!!

It is paramount for us Hellenes to once again bring back our own religion to life. The religion which was born from our own spiritual awakening, experience and birth which will once again …………
*promote the Hellenic civilization.
*which will protect and preserve Hellenism.
*which will promote Hellenic education, which will protect &  promote Hellenic principals, values and traditions.
*which will enable the Hellenic people no matter where they live to feel a sense of pride and dignity about their identity and ancestry.
*which will encourage the Hellenic people to do good deeds for their fellow human beings, to do good for society in general.

 Are a proud people and we have our own religion, the Hellenic National Religion &  Honour.

NATIONAL, because it is the indigenous religion of our country and its people as it was born from the spiritual awakening of our forefathers and ancestors.

Our religion is the continuation of our ancient Hellenic religion which is  founded on the 12 Gods of Olympus and all the Gods of the Hellenic Pantheon.

HONOUR, because we honour, pay tribute and respect to our Gods, and we also pay tribute and respect to our forefathers and ancestors.

Our ancient philosophers are the spiritual Fathers of the Hellenic people. All their theological - philosophical writings form the basis of our holy scriptures and are thus our HOLY BIBLE.

The  Gods are the laws that govern and control the Cosmos, the laws of nature and existence itself., therefore  the Cosmos (Universe) are our Gods. The Gods are above us, below us, around us and within us.They are the gigantic spiritual energy and power of nature which controls everything on our planet, our solar system, our universe and all the universes that exist in "The Cosmos". Collectively they make up the one and only true God of the Hellenic people and the Hellenic National (ethnic)  Religion & Honor, that is the (God / Goddess OF NATURE)

Our Gods are a multitude of apportioned immortal beings,self energizing and self-sufficient "forces", (not personalities), that inhibit this "Unity" that gave birth to itself.They are the multitude expressions of this Unity that give substance and order to the Cosmos and keep it interconnected and harmonious.

We do not believe in the "Big Bang Theory".

The 12 Gods of Olympus and our other Gods are not mortal human beings, but collectively are  the laws of nature (powers) that make up the one and only true God of the Hellenic people, the (God of NATURE).

The 12 Gods of Olympus and our other Gods help us to understand and comprehend the one true God of Nature. In Hellenic theology when we say we believe, we actually express ...our  νομίζομεν... our assessment... η εκτίμηση μας...η αξιολόγησή μας για τα θεία...for the "Divine".

They have the respectful title of Gods so that we may…………..
*through them , with respect and humbleness pay tribute for our existence and well being.
*the  Gods are the powers of the one true God and collectively make up the one true God of NATURE.
*the 12 Gods of Olympus and our other Gods represent and symbolize the principals, values and traditions of the Hellenic people and Hellenic civilization.

We Hellenes admire our statues, but we do not worship the statues of the Gods, but through their symbolism and meaning we admire and worship the one and only true God, our God of "Nature". By showing love and respect to the Gods we …………….,
*in fact show love and dedication to the true God of the Hellenic people.
*with respect to the Gods of Olympus, we show respect to our Hellenic civilization and love, respect and honor to our forefathers and ancestors.
We believe that everything has been created through evolution with the mighty energy and power of nature, in other words by God. This evolution, this creation of God for us, is a creation of love, a labor of love by God. We believe that this example of love by God is the greatest example which God wants us Hellenes to copy, to follow.
What God wants from us humans is ……………….*to love and respect all that God has created and to take that love to its natural destination and conclusion on all matters.
*we believe that God wants us to love and respect our fellow human beings, not to kill or to do harm to others.
We believe that God made man the most intelligent of all the species so that man with Gods example of love will ……………..
*love, respect, protect and preserve the plant kingdom.
*love, respect, protect and preserve the animal kingdom.
*love, respect, protect and preserve our home, the planet for future generations.
We believe as the oracles have passed on to us that God chose the Hellenic people to take on the challenge to create a high level of civilization for the good of mankind and to pass on and share this civilization with all the people of the world.
* The Hellenic National Religion was and is always in harmony with scientific research and development.
*Our religion was/is always in harmony with evolution, progress and scientific advancement and creation.
*Our religion was never at odds with science. Hellenic civilization was never a part of the dark ages.
*The enlightenment is founded and based on classical Hellenic civilization. Hellenic civilization is founded on logic and reason.



The most important concept, for us Hellenes, is “The One”, meaning the true and single Being.
“The One” is unborn and eternal (“it has no beginning or end”), it is a given and indestructible entity that merely encloses an endless change of forms and conditions.
“The One” is unique, homogeneous, stationary, infinite and perfect. The latter two characteristics do not conflict with the fact that it is quantitatively defined and evolving within itself. “The One” is axiomatically the current image of infinity and perfection, as nothing exists outside of it, so as to compare it and determine it as “finite” and “incomplete”.
Because nothing exists outside “The One”, it is also, axiomatically, identified with the Divinity. This is where, we Hellenes, differ from the so-called “Abrahamic” religions (namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam), which place their supposed God before and outside the true and single Being, which they try to degrade into a profane “construction” and a “creation”.
Everything that exists or is located within “The One” shares its own constant and unchangeable essence.


All parts of the single Being are governed by orderliness and comprise the current “Kosmos” (the very few remaining things comprise “Tartarus”, etymologically linked to “tarachi”, agitation, who was the mythological “brother” of “Kosmos”, the World, both sons of “Chaos”, i.e. the Essence with its properties still undefined).
We Hellenes define the “Kosmos” as a part of the infinite Being that has acquired harmony and beauty (“infinitely arranged and adorned”). “Kosmos” in ancient Greek means a gem, a piece of jewellery. Exactly like “The One”, the “Kosmos” is indestructible and unborn, it has designed its own internal order and is a logically organised whole. Like “The One”, the “Kosmos” is not a “person” but the first diaeresis of the single Being.
For us Hellenes, the “Kosmos” is alive and material in its entirety (living matter) and consists of two living levels that only differ in terms of the qualitative characteristics of their common Essence. One level is the hidden world of imperishability (i.e. immortal things that have not been cut off from the creative “Cause” and are characterised by immortality, vastness and knowledge) and the other is the revealed world of perishability (with beings who have been cut off from the creative “Cause” and are characterised by mortality, appearance and finite or no knowledge).


The gods have emerged from the single Being by simple accretions of the latter into separate entities, which is why they maintain all its properties, namely immortality, vastness and knowledge. The gods establish and maintain consistency and orderliness in the “Kosmos”.
The true, natural Gods are thus perfect and ordering beings, who withhold immortality and knowledge and permeate freely across the world, acting upon it. The Gods are subject to the determinism of the world and faithfully serve its laws, while participating in “aeigenesia”, i.e. perpetual generation and degeneration of forms.
As to their nature, the true, natural gods are perfect, virtuous, immortal, immutable, infinite, just, omniscient, eternal, impersonal, genderless, consistent, ethereal in their matter and able to permeate the other matter.
It is obvious that these true, natural Gods, are not “withdrawn”, are not “combined in one person”, are not “replaced”, do not “stop existing” and are not “defeated”, according to the appetites or desires of the wicked mortals or of organised impiety systems.


Every living creature, everything that exists in the revealed world of perishability, has been physically born. Their bodies have a starting point and an ending in time; therefore, they are perishable and mortal.
The properties of perishability and mortality are independent of the speed at which they occur. People, animals, plants and stones are all perishable in terms of their bodies and therefore, they are mortal. 
Death, which we will analyse below, dissolves and distributes their physical matter to compose new forms and at the same time returns to the Immortal their material mental quantity.


Humans are a biological species that is weakly, but more directly, linked to the Divinity, as Nature has activated in their brains the “Logos”, reason, thus making them the only mortal beings capable of rational and safe knowledge (according to Speusippus).
As rational beings, humans differ from other “major” biological species that form societies based on natural laws, because they create social collectives (from families to nations), divine law and institutions. In addition, as rational beings, humans show constant curiosity to explore and understand their own species and their environment, while constructing and inventing, developing increasingly sophisticated tools and skills. Humans produce law, culture and technology.
As man is gifted by the Gods...  with the greatest intelligence from all the other living forms on Earth, we are of the thought that one of man's important roles and duties is to oversee the protection and the preservation of the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Also man has the duty to oversee and to protect the environment of the Earth, for the good of all and for the future of generations yet to come. Man as a "rational being" should also respect Universal Justice and pay particular attention to actions and choices that might affect others in a negative way.

For us MAN
has been anointed by the Gods  as

The greatest conquest of the Hellenic religion and a timeless gift to humanity is “Humanism”, i.e. respect to the human condition. For us Hellenes, humans are a value in themselves and all humans are considered related thanks to their common rational nature. However, only those that activate morally their rational nature through Virtue are linked to the Divinity.


Every being in the hidden world of imperishability, starting from “The One” itself to its many accretions (gods, etc.) is immortal, therefore eternally alive. On the other hand, every being in the revealed world of perishability, from the largest to the smallest ones, from those visible to those invisible to the human eye, is involved through its personal life to the specific phenomenon of life. Life, at the level of the revealed world is therefore defined as all the biophysiological events within the world.
Life at the level of the revealed world is exclusively based on laws set by Nature, innumerable and rigid, inviolable laws, which at the same time have been set with fine precision. The uninterrupted power of Nature is revealed through the birth, growth, support and re-dissolution (death) of the individual mortal beings, according to rigid laws.


The purpose (“telos”) of the life of individual beings is the maintenance and perfection of the single Being. The term “telos” means the completion, purpose, perfection, performance, and outcome.
Exceptionally, the purpose of the life of the rational being (humans) is perfecting itself (“teleiosis”) using the weak but immediate proximity to the Divinity through “Logos”, the Reason.
For us Hellenes, the purpose of the rational being is to look to the truth and orderliness of the “Kosmos”, understand them and contribute to them through virtuous praxis (actions), to the extent allowed by its mortal, limited nature. 

The outcome of this work is the emulation of Gods, moral splendour and perfection of our nature by having a perfect life.
Socrates said that in all points, human life should emulate the beauty and perfection of masterpieces.

Virtue​ (Η ΑΡΕΤΗ)

The tool for human perfection and likeness to the Gods is Virtue, namely the conscious and practical perfection and superiority. This conscious and practical perfection and superiority is achieved when the properties of the Gods, previously understood by humans, are transferred as values and ethical standards within human life for continuous application.
The philosopher of the 15th century Georgios Gemistos Plethon, to whom the Hellenic National religion owes to a great extent its survival until today, gave a very good definition of virtue in the following words: “Virtue is the habit through which we become virtuous. However, only the Divine is really virtuous, but we, humans, become virtuous by imitating it, within our human potential.”


Everything in the revealed world of perishability is shared physicality and mental matter, just as in the hidden world of imperishability everything is a shared Divinity. We Hellenes face death serenely as one of the many physical laws of this precise revealed world of perishability. Death serves evolution by constantly renewing the forms of revealed life.
Only the ignorant are anxious about whether or not they will lose the temporary and insignificant cluster of personality characteristics, erroneously perceived as the “self”. At the universal level, “loss”, “nothingness” and all similar terms are meaningless, since nothing in the Being can be “lost”. Absolutely no “loss” can happen within a given and imperishable whole, which simply encloses an endless change of forms and conditions.
Death merely discontinues one “life”, channelling physicality to a new use and returning the mental matter to the Immortal, while the consciousness of the single Being is enriched with the memory of yet another biography. What lives in the underworld of the Greeks is not the real psyche of the departed, but the mere “shadow” of their lives, a stored item in the consciousness of “The One”, which is only recalled by similar “living” beings, with a ceremony or honouring reference.


The psyche is the invisible cause of biophysiological events, or, in other words, the essential cohesive element of beings in the revealed world. For us, the psyche is immortal, universal and there is no doubt at all regarding whether or not it will be... “saved”.
It is simply “revealed” in the world of perishability, by giving life to the heavy matter of mortal beings; it passes, after the biological “death”, into oblivion, returning to the Immortal, until it is “revealed” again and again, forever, for the perpetuation of life and the increasing perfection of the single Being.
Every individual being (“person”) of the revealed world, contains a large or small, strong or weak, quantity of the world of imperishability. As already said, the increasing perfection of the single Being is achieved through the processing of individual mental quantities. Some of us additionally believe that within the rational beings, mental quantity acquires “personal” elements that it maintains when it returns to the level of imperishability.
All the above explain for us Hellenes quite clearly what the role of mankind is and what the meaning of life is for man.



I think it is time to put my Christian friends on the right track on this issue.

The word SIN is derived from the biblical fictitious story about Adam & Eve.

The God of the Jews supposedly forbid Adam & Eve to eat a particular fruit.

Eve ate this fruit and thus went against the orders of this biblical God, this act of disobeying God was termed by the Jews in their Hebrew language as a SINFUL ACT. This is how the term SIN with this meaning came about.

Later on the Christians further qualified this term to fit in with their Christian theology. As the Greek language was the most refined and the most universal language at the time and the TORAH was already translated into the Hellenic language (Old Testament), they needed the Greek language to further invent and to explain their Christian doctrine and theology.

So they stole many Hellenic words and terminologies to achieve this goal.

One of these words they plagiarized was the word "AMARTIA", which in the ancient Hellenic language meant FAILURE. They construed the meaning of this word and used it to mean and express the word SIN.

In other words they changed the original meaning of this word.

The ancient Hellenes did not have a word for SIN. Because they did not need it and therefore never invented it. Their religious principles, values and relations to their Gods differed to those that the Jewish people had with their God.

They did not believe in the Adam & Eve story, it was not part of their Hellenic tradition, folklore or part of their religious theology.

To express a wrongful act, they used the term ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust or they would use the term of someone committing a "CRIME", i.e. committing a criminal act.

P.S. Many scholars say that the 70 Jews that translated the Torah ( Jewish holy book ) into Greek ( Old Testament ) actually plagiarized the Greek word AMARTIA and gave it the new meaning of SIN when they were translating the Adam & Eve story which was contained in the Torah.


Νομίζω ότι είναι καιρός να θέσω τους χριστιανούς φίλους μου στο σωστό δρόμο για το θέμα αυτό.

Η λέξη ΑΜΑΡΤΙΑ προέρχεται από την βιβλική φανταστική ιστορία για τον Αδάμ και την Εύα.

Ο Θεός των Εβραίων υποτίθεται ότι απαγορεύει στον Αδάμ και την Εύα να φάνε ένα συγκεκριμένο καρπό.

Η Εύα έφαγε αυτό το φρούτο και έτσι έπεσε ενάντια στις εντολές αυτού του βιβλικού Θεού, αυτή η πράξη μη υπακοής του Θεού ονομάστηκε από τους Εβραίους στην εβραϊκή τους γλώσσα ως ΑΜΑΡΤΩΛΉ ΠΡΑΞΗ. Αυτός είναι ο τρόπος που ο όρος ΑΜΑΡΤΙΑ με αυτή την έννοια προήλθε.

Αργότερα οι χριστιανοί προσδιόρισαν περαιτέρω αυτόν τον όρο για να ταιριάζει με τη χριστιανική θεολογία τους. Καθώς η ελληνική γλώσσα ήταν η πιο εκλεπτυσμένη και πιο οικουμενική τότε γλώσσα στον κόσμο και το ΤΟΡΑ μεταφράστηκε ήδη στην Ελληνική γλώσσα (Παλαιά Διαθήκη) και χρειάστηκε η ελληνική γλώσσα για να εφεύρει και να εξηγήσει περαιτέρω το χριστιανικό δόγμα και τη θεολογία τους.

Έτσι έκλεψαν πολλές ελληνικές λέξεις και ορολογία για να επιτύχουν αυτόν τον στόχο.

Μια από αυτές τις λέξεις που λόγο - έκλεψαν ήταν η λέξη «ΑΜΑΡΤΊΑ», η οποία στην αρχαία ελληνική γλώσσα σήμαινε ΑΠΟΤΥΧΊΑ. Άλλαξαν την έννοια αυτής της λέξης και την χρησιμοποίησαν για να εννοήσουν και να εκφράσουν τη λέξη ΑΜΑΡΤΊΑ.

Με άλλα λόγια άλλαξαν την αρχική έννοια αυτής της λέξης.

Οι αρχαίοι Έλληνες δεν είχαν ανάγκη από την λέξη ΑΜΑΡΤΊΑ. Επειδή δεν την χρειάζονταν και επομένως ποτέ δεν την επινόησαν. Οι θρησκευτικές αρχές, οι αξίες και οι σχέσεις τους με τους Θεούς τους διέφεραν από εκείνες που είχε ο εβραϊκός λαός με τον Θεό τους.

Δεν πίστευαν στην ιστορία του Αδάμ και της Εύας, δεν ήταν μέρος της ελληνικής τους παράδοσης, λαογραφίας ή μέρους της θρησκευτικής τους θεολογίας.

Για να εκφράσουν μια λανθασμένη ή κακή πράξη, χρησιμοποίησαν τον όρο ηθικό ή ανήθικο, καλό ή κακό, σωστό ή λάθος, , δίκαιο ή άδικο ή θα χρησιμοποιούσαν τον όρο ή την λέξη για ένα "ΈΓΚΛΗΜΑ"...εγκληματική πράξη.

Υ.Γ. Πολλοί μελετητές λένε ότι οι 70 Εβραίοι όταν μετέφραζαν το Τορά ( Εβραϊκή Βίβλο ) στα ελληνικά ( Π.Δ. ) έκλεψαν την ελληνική λέξη ΑΜΑΡΤΊΑ και της έδωσαν τη νέα έννοια της ΑΜΑΡΤΙΑΣ όταν μεταφράζαν την ιστορία του Αδάμ και της Εύας που περιείχε το Τορά.

Χριστιανοί φίλοι, για να καταλάβετε όλα τα παραπάνω, πρέπει να σπάσετε τις χριστιανικές αλυσίδες που έχουν φυλακίσει το μυαλό σας. 


From our ancient Hellenic Oracles...

From the beginning, we know as the oracles have revealed and passed on to us that the Gods (GOD) gifted our Hellenic people with the great gifts of Hellenic identity and Hellenic language.  The Gods (GOD) also chose and requested from the Hellenic people that they take on the eternal challenge and mission (duty) to create a high level of civilization for the good of mankind and to pass on and share this civilization with all the people of the world. They requested that this covenant be binding forever to all the generations of Hellenes to come.

The Gods (GOD) also requested that the Hellenic people give their word that they would remain Hellenes forever, to keep alive their language and to always support totally one another, so as to be able as a Hellenic People, to fulfill the eternal mission of the Gods, to maintain the covenant between the Gods and the Hellenic People and therefore to always protect, preserve, maintain and pass on these gifts, to their descendants and to keep for all time.

The Hellenic people eagerly accepted the honor, the challenge and the mission which the Gods (GOD) bestowed upon them and as a mark of gratitude and respect towards the Gods (God) our ancestors gave their word and oath to the Gods (God), that they and their descendants would never show any disrespect to the Gods (God) by fulfilling the Gods eternal mission to create a higher level of civilization for the good of all mankind and to never discard (give – up) Gods commandments and gifts from one generation to the next. Also to be able to fulfill this mission, our ancestors promised the gods that they would devote themselves to a fair, honest / honorable and hard work ethic!

[Επίσης για  να μπορούν  να εκπληρώσουν την αποστολή αυτή, οι πρόγονοί μας υποσχέθηκαν στους Θεούς ότι  πάντα θα έχουν έναν έντιμο, τίμιο και  ηθικό τρόπο εργασίας.]

In other words they vowed (promised) to the Gods (GOD) that they would fulfill Gods commandments and to protect, preserve, maintain and pass on these gifts, to their descendants, to keep for all time.

In other words the Gods (GOD) entered into a covenant (contract) with the Hellenic people and is understood to be eternal; it cannot be abrogated because in principle the Gods (GOD) cannot break their promises – That the covenant endures forever is itself the greatest indicator of the profound role grace plays in the theology of ancient Hellenism.

For us the Hellenic people, to turn our backs, to abandon these great gifts of God, to abandon Gods mission, is to break our word and promise to the Gods (GOD), is to show disrespect and ungratefulness to the Gods (GOD) and is considered a great (αδικία) crime-offense.

For us and our religion it is the biggest crime-offense that a Hellene can commit.

{ From this covenant and through its’ APOKRIFA the Gods are revealing to us that in order for us to be able to fulfill  this mission, to help create a higher level of civilization for the good of all mankind, we must first of all strive to become better people ourselves to become more knowledgeable  and  to achieve great wisdom. To strive for our improvement, excellence, perfection  and
 virtue in all “human Endeavour’s” }

[ For our children the message from the APOKRIFA IS THAT THEY SHOULD STRIVE TO BE EXCELLENT STUDENTS AND HUMAN BEINGS, to achieve discipline, dignity and self respect, to be devoted to their family and community. To participate more and more in civic duties and matters as they become more mature, older and wiser! ]

Από αυτή την διαθήκη και μέσω τα « ΑΠΌΚΡΥΦΑ της, οι Θεοί μας φανερώνουν ότι, προκειμένου για μας,  για να είμαστε  σε θέση να εκπληρώσουμε την αποστολή αυτή , για να δημιουργήσουμε ένα υψηλότερο επίπεδο πολιτισμού για το καλό όλης της ανθρωπότητας , θα πρέπει πρώτα από όλα να προσπαθήσουμε να γίνουμε καλύτερη  άνθρωποι, να γίνουμε πιο γνώστες και να αποκτήσουμε  μεγαλύτερή  σοφία .
Να κάνουμε προσπάθεια  για τη βελτίωση μας , στην αριστεία και την αρετή, σε όλα τα  "ανθρώπινα επιτεύγματα" .

Για τα παιδιά μας, το μήνυμα από τα ΑΠΌΚΡΥΦΑ είναι ότι θα πρέπει να προσπαθήσουν να γίνουν  άριστοι  μαθητές και φοιτητές, αφιερωμένη στην οικογένεια και την κοινότητά τους . Και να συμμετέχουν όλο και περισσότερο στα κοινά καθήκοντα  και θέματα τις κοινωνίας καθώς μεγαλώνουν και γίνονται πιο σοβαρή και σοφότεροι !   

 The Jewish people and Judaeo-Christians believe that their God Yahweh (Γιαχβέ) punished people for wanting to build the Tower of Babble to reach Yahweh, by imposing on them many different languages so that they could not communicate with one another and thus not be able to complete their so-called sinful task!!!

We of the Hellenic National Religion & Honor, believe that all languages are a gift of love by the Gods to all the peoples of the world!!!

* Since we were forced to relinquish our Hellenic religion by the Christians, we have been divorced from our eternal commitment and covenant with the Gods to create a higher civilization for the good of mankind and as a consequence we have drifted into a downward path of a corrupt life with low morals, principals and values which has resulted in the almost total destruction of our country and our people.
We have become alienated from “goodness, beauty and "virtue"!
In turning our backs to the commitment and promise our ancestors made to the Gods (God), we have committed a very serious crime and offense and in the process we lost our sense of direction.
It is of vital importance for us to renew our vows to the Gods (to God) and to once again commit ourselves to the task of creating a higher civilization for the good of mankind.This is the only way that we can redeem ourselves and put our country and people on the path of once again becoming a great nation of people.


Should we re- introduce the ancient Greek celebration that when our children (boys & girls) reach the age of 14, they give during a special ceremony, the oath that they will always stay true to and be loyal and dedicated to the Hellenic people and religion and that they will keep their ancestors vows to God (the Gods).They vow never to turn their backs on the the Hellenic religion,language,civilization and culture. They promise to participate and contribute to the creation of a higher civilization for the good of mankind, and for this celebration to be treated as a very special occasion for the children whereby we make them feel very special and proud on that day. We give them a party, family and friends come to pay their respects and we give them gifts to celebrate their formal induction into the Hellenic religion. We believe this needs to be acted upon immediately.

ANCIENT GREEK CEREMONY (admission as equal members of the Hellenic National Religion and the Hellenic family) - Oath Taking Ceremony - Oath Taking Celebration - (ORKOMOSIA), can be found on another post in this blog.

Also in this blog one can find everything about the Hellenic Holy Week by looking for this particular post.
....... ....... ......... .......... .................................................................................................

The ideal is for, 
*a male Hellene to marry a Hellene female.
*a female Hellene to marry a Hellene male.
# We explain in other passages the importance of embracing with love and honesty the aloethnis in a marriage with a Hellene.


It is our Hellenic duty for ………………

 * It is the duty of all Hellenes to study the written works of the Spiritual Fathers of the Hellenic Nation and people!

* A HELLENE to always love/respect a fellow HELLENE.

*I t is our duty as Hellenes to support, help and assist each other at all times.

{Our journey in life is a never ending challenge, yet it is an enjoyable challenge full of life giving rewards when we live it to the full with dignity and wisdom as taught to us by our ancient philosophers, the "Fathers of the Hellenic Nation".

We must not lose sight of the fact that the Greek Orthodox Church does not, nor has it ever wanted a united Hellenic people other than a unity which comes under its' umbrella, control and authority!!!

The church in Greece and all around the world (in the Diaspora) practices the policy of divide and rule,  and it is helped by our corrupt parliamentary politicians in our mother country.

This should not frighten or undermine us, rather the opposite; we should become more determined in our efforts to promote "Real Hellenism", co-ordination, co-operation, net working, love and affection among the Hellenic Diaspora eventually leading to a united Hellenic people.

{A unity founded upon the free will of the Hellenic people!}

* The Hellenic people to be always loyal, good and dedicated citizens in the country where they reside and live.
*To be loyal and dedicated to our mother country Hellas, to the Hellenic nation, people,language and culture – civilization.
*To be always respectful towards the country of residence and to always respect and obey its laws and to contribute to the countries growth and progress.
*It is strictly forbidden to proselytize and to try to attract and to accept other nationalities to our religion. This is considered a huge transgression.
*The only way a non Hellene may obtain the Hellenic religion is through marriage to a Hellenic person. However the non Hellene will first have to do a course on the Hellenic religion and Hellenic civilization (principles, values, traditions etc.) and then pass a test.
Also this person will have to swear an oath that children born to the couple will be brought up with the Hellenic religion, Hellenic culture, language and tradition. That is the only way a non Hellene may obtain the Hellenic religion and become a member of the Hellenic family. In the case of a marriage taking place with a non Hellene before going through this process the same goal can be achieved, only if the non Hellene goes through the process mentioned above in terms of, course, test and oath.

*The priest (IEROFANDIS, IFIGENIS or THEOFILOS) is forbidden from being a committee member of the community they are serving and are also strictly forbidden to become office – bearers. Apart from their religious duties they have a duty and obligation to support their community totally, ethically and morally to the best of their abilities and to help bring people together in a spirit of love and reconciliation.
*It is strictly forbidden to have the office bearing positions of Patriarch, Archbishop, Bishop, Metropolitan or Archmandrite. THESE TERMS ARE FOREIGN TO HELLENISM
*Only one and equal level is permitted for the clergy. In this way the clergy will symbolize the equal value that all people have in the eyes of God. The clergy must not symbolize the superiority of one person over another.
*It is acceptable and encouraged to have male and female clergy, which must be married, in this way the clergy will symbolize and represent the family as the foundation upon which society is built on and will also in parallel symbolize Gods evolution i. e. that is the continuation of mankind.


* WE have a democratic structure.
*A federal structure .
*All the property – wealth to be owned by the federation.
*General meetings of local communities  and branches to be held on a monthly or bi - monthly  basis to allow for…………
(a) the opportunity for members to get to know each other better and to be able to create good relations and friendships.
(b) so that the members may learn the art of public speaking, patience and discipline.
( c ) so that in this way the members may be fully informed by the committee on a regular basis and be able to give directions to the committee, the committee to then put into effect these directions and in this way all members have the opportunity to fully participate in the life of their community.

THE COMMITTEE of the local community branches to organize and conduct all the religious functions and ceremonies, with the voluntary aid from its members. The committee to organize all social functions, lectures, fund raising activities and philanthropic activities also.


* The Hellenic people to be encouraged to celebrate their birthday.
*The Hellenic people to be encouraged to celebrate their name – day i .e. to celebrate the name they have been given from a Hellenic god, a Hellenic name from ancient Hellenic history or Hellenic mythology or a name they have been given to honor one of the fathers of the Hellenic nation. In this way we show respect to the Hellenic Gods, to our ancestors who made many sacrifices for the Hellenic nation.
We need to re- create national days of celebration which will honor special occasions and people who made enormous sacrifices for Hellas and the Hellenic people.
*A day/date which will remind us of the great sacrifice the ancients made so that we may continue to exist as a people…............
The battles of ………..
*Marathon 490 B.C.
*Thermopylae 480 B.C.
*Plataies 479 B.C.
*Salamina 480 B.C.

Another day to symbolize the beginning of the revolution of independence of 1821 A.D.
The 25th of march to symbolize this occasion and in this way honor all those that gave their lives for modern Greece and the freedom we now enjoy.

Another day which will remind us and will be a mark of respect and honor to the thousands of Hellenes who perished in the genocide during and after the Ottoman Turkish occupation on the Greek mainland, Aegean islands and Asia minor up to the year 1922 A.D. This day to remind us of the 400 years of Hellenic slavery under the Ottoman Turks.

*One different Sunday to honor and respect one of the Hellenic Gods i.e. 12 Sundays per year for these celebrations.
*Another symbolic day to remember and to symbolize the meaning of the cross on the Hellenic flag. Of course this symbolism to reflect Hellenism and not Christianity. The cross to symbolize all the tyranny, slavery and martyrdom the Hellenic people suffered and endured from ancient times up to the year 1922 A.D. Educated people of knowledge, with courage and conviction are needed to write about the truth and nothing but the truth regarding this issue.


With the following Sundays in the year to celebrate the memory, wisdom and teachings of the fathers of the Hellenic nation such as ………………..
HOMER, SOLON, THALES, PYTHAGORAS, ΙΣΟΚΡΑΤΙΣ, ARISTOTLE, SOCRATES, PLATO, PERICLES and many other special and dignified forefathers. A special catalog of these very special and important individuals will have to be created.


We need to rediscover all the hymns and liturgy from ancient times which have survived and to fill in all the gaps for use every Sunday and other special days mentioned.
Educated people are needed with a knowledge of the ……………
*Ancient Hellenic language.
*Ancient Hellenic history.
*Ancient Hellenic religion.
*Classic Hellenic civilization.
* With knowledge of the ancient Greek principals and values are needed to make a contribution to bring back to life, to help create the modern version of the Hellenic National Religion and Faith and to assist in creating the much needed Hellenic National
Ideology. In this way we bring back to life our own ELLINIKI KAINI DIATHIKI.

We need to marry the enormous wealth of knowledge our ancestors left us with the needs of today, for the Hellenic people to survive, so that we do not become extinct as a race, as a people. This need is absolutely necessary for Greeks in the Diaspora if they are to survive as a Hellenic people. The loss in the Diaspora as each day passes is painfully very high.

Από τους αρχαίους Ελληνικούς χρησμούς και μαντεία.

Πιστεύουμε, όπως τα μαντεία έχουν αποκαλύψει σε μας ότι οι Θεοί (Ο Θεός) δώρησε στον Ελληνικό Λαό τα μεγάλα δώρα της Ελληνικής ταυτότητας, Ελληνική γλώσσα, το Ελληνικό πνεύμα και σε αντάλλαγμα (ο Θεός) επέλεξε και ζήτησε από τους 'Ελληνες  να παραμείνουν για πάντα Έλληνες  και να αναλάβουν την πρόκληση και την αποστολή για τη δημιουργία ενός υψηλού επίπεδου πολιτισμού, για το καλό της ανθρωπότητας και να μοιραστούν αυτό τον πολιτισμό με όλους τους ανθρώπους και λαούς του κόσμου.

Ω Θεός (οι Θεοί),  ζήτησε επίσης από τον Ελληνικό Λαό να δώσει τον λόγο του εις αυτόν (αυτούς) ότι θα παραμείνουν πάντα 'Ελληνες, και να 
υποστηρίζουν πάντα απόλυτα ο ένας τον άλλον, έτσι ώστε να είναι σε θέση να μπορούν ως 'Ελληνες να πραγματοποιήσουν την αποστολή των Θεών,  και να  προστατεύσουν, να διατηρήσουν, και να περάσουν (κληροδοτήσουν) αυτά τα δώρα, στους απόγονους τους και να τα κρατήσουν για πάντα ως πολύτιμα της Ελληνικής Φυλής!

Ο Ελληνικός Λαός με προθυμία δέχτηκε την τιμή, την πρόκληση και την αποστολή που
τους παραχωρείσαι ο Θεός (οι Θεοί) και ως ένδειξη ευγνωμοσύνης και σεβασμού απέναντι
τού Θεού οι πρόγονοί μας έδωσαν το λόγο των και τον όρκο των προς τον Θεό όπως
αυτοί και οι απόγονοί τους, ποτέ δεν θα δείξουν καμία έλλειψη σεβασμού προς τον Θεό (Θεούς) και θα εκπληρώσουν την αποστολή του Θεού και ποτέ δεν θα αποβάλουν τα Θεία δώρα από τη μια γενιά στην επομένη.

Με άλλα λόγια ορκιστεί καν προς τον Θεό ότι θα εκπληρώσουν
την εντολή αυτή και ότι θα προστατεύσουν, διαφυλάξουν, διατηρήσουν και ότι θα παραδώσουν αυτά τα δώρα, στους απογόνους τους, να τα κρατήσουν για πάντα.

Με άλλα λόγια, (ο Θεός) τέθηκε σε διαθήκη (σύμβαση) με τον
Ελληνικό Λαό και θεωρείται ότι είναι αιώνια! Δεν μπορεί να καταργηθεί
επειδή κατ 'αρχήν δεν μπορούν οι Θεοί (ο Θεός) να σπάσουν τις υποσχέσεις τους, - το ότι η διαθήκη διαρκεί για πάντα είναι ο δείκτης της, και έχει βαθύ ρόλο και
χάρη στη θεολογία του αρχαίου Ελληνισμού.

{Για εμάς, ως Ελληνικός Λαός, για να γυρίσουμε την πλάτη μας, να εγκαταλείψουμε αυτά τα μεγάλα δώρα του
Θεού, να εγκαταλείψουμε την αποστολή του Θεού, είναι σαν να εγκαταλείπουμε την υπόσχεσή μας προς τον
θεό, είναι σαν να δείχνουμε ασέβεια και αχαριστία προς το Θεό και αυτό
θεωρείται μεγάλο έγκλημα και αδίκημα προς τη θεία χάρη!

Για μας και για τη θρησκεία μας, είναι το μεγαλύτερο έγκλημα η αδίκημα που μπορεί ένας Έλληνας να διαπράξει.}

*Συνεπώς είναι καθήκον μας να ενθαρρύνουμε όλες τις Ελληνικές κοινότητες και όλους τους Έλληνες σε όλο τον κόσμο να αγκαλιάσουν τον Ελληνισμό και να επιστρέψουν στην Ελληνική Εθνική θρησκεία των προγόνων μας.

*Καθώς οι Θεοί (ο Θεός) έκαναν τις επιθυμίες τους γνωστές σε μας μέσω των χρησμών του μαντείου και την Ελληνική πατρώα θρησκεία, πιστεύουμε επίσης ότι είναι καθήκον μας να είμαστε πάντα πιστοί και αφοσιωμένοι στην Ελληνική Εθνική θρησκεία μας.

*Έτσι, μέσω τον χρησμό του μαντείου προς σε μας τον Ελληνικό λαό, αποκαλύπτεται σε όλους τους λαούς του κόσμου, ότι όλες οι γλώσσες είναι ένα δώρο από τον Θεό (από τους θεούς). Συνεπώς, είναι καθήκον όλων των λαών να εκτιμούν με σεβασμό, αγάπη και στοργή την αντίστοιχη γλώσσα τους. 

Ο Εβραϊκός λαός και η Εβραίο-Χριστιανοί πιστεύουν ότι ο Θεός τους (ο Γιαχβέ) τιμωρείσαι τους ανθρώπους για την προσπάθεια τους να οικοδομήσουν τον Πύργο της Βαβέλ για να φθάσουν τον Γιαχβέ, επιβάλλοντας τους πολλές διαφορετικές γλώσσες, έτσι ώστε να μην μπορούν να επικοινωνούν μεταξύ τους και ως εκ τούτου να μην είναι σε θέση για να ολοκληρώσουν το λεγόμενο αμαρτωλό έργο τους!

Εμείς της Ελληνικής Εθνικής Θρησκείας  &  Τιμή, πιστεύουμε ότι όλες οι γλώσσες είναι ένα δώρο αγάπης από τους Θεούς σε όλους τους λαούς του κόσμου!

Από αυτή την διαθήκη και μέσω τα " ΑΠΌΚΡΥΦΑ" της, οι Θεοί μας φανερώνουν ότι, προκειμένου για μας,  για να είμαστε  σε θέση να εκπληρώσουμε την αποστολή αυτή , για να δημιουργήσουμε ένα υψηλότερο επίπεδο πολιτισμού για το καλό όλης της ανθρωπότητας , θα πρέπει πρώτα από όλα να προσπαθήσουμε να γίνουμε καλύτερη  άνθρωποι, να γίνουμε πιο γνώστες και να αποκτήσουμε  μεγ
αλήτερη σοφία .
Να κάνουμε προσπάθεια  για τη βελτίωση μας , στην αριστεία και την αρετή, σε όλα τα  "ανθρώπινα επιτεύγματα" .

Για τα παιδιά μας, το μήνυμα από τα ΑΠΌΚΡΥΦΑ είναι ότι θα πρέπει να προσπαθήσουν να γίνουν  άριστοι  μαθητές και φοιτητές, αφιερωμένη στην οικογένεια και την κοινότητά τους . Να επιδιώκουν την πειθαρχία, αξιοπρέπεια και τον αυτοσεβασμό, να συμμετέχουν και να συμβάλουν όλο και περισσότερο στα κοινά καθήκοντα  και θέματα τις κοινωνίας τους, καθώς μεγαλώνουν και γίνονται πιο σοβαρή & σοφότεροι !    

* Από τη στιγμή που αναγκαστήκαμε να εγκαταλείψουμε την Ελληνική Εθνική θρησκεία μας από τους χριστιανούς, έχουμε πάρει διαζύγιο από την αιώνια δέσμευση και συμβόλαιο μας με τους Θεούς για τη δημιουργία ενός ανώτερου πολιτισμού για το καλό της ανθρωπότητας και ως εκ τούτου έχουμε παρασυρθεί σε μια καθοδική πορεία μιας διεφθαρμένης ζωής με χαμηλό ήθος, αρχές και αξίες που έχει ως αποτέλεσμα τη σχεδόν ολοκληρωτική καταστροφή της χώρας και του λαού μας.
Αποξενωθήκαμε από το "κάλλος" και την "αρετή" !
Γυρίζοντας την πλάτη μας, στη δέσμευση και την υπόσχεση των προγόνων μας προς στους Θεούς (το Θεό), έχουμε διαπράξει ένα πολύ σοβαρό έγκλημα και αδίκημα και στη διαδικασία χάσαμε την αίσθηση της κατεύθυνσης μας.
Είναι ζωτικής σημασίας για μας να ανανεώσουμε τους όρκους μας προς τους Θεούς (το Θεό), και για άλλη μια φορά να δεσμευτούμε στο έργο της δημιουργίας ενός ανώτερου πολιτισμού για το καλό της ανθρωπότητας. Αυτός είναι ο μόνος τρόπος που μπορούμε να αποκαταστήσουμε τους εαυτούς μας και να θέσουμε τη χώρα και το λαό μας στην πορεία ώστε για μια ακόμη φορά να γίνουμε ένα σπουδαίο έθνος.

Hellenic National Religion and Honor
Ten Ways to happiness that were taught by the ancient Hellenes
As Epicurus believed, man is something great and worthy. Happiness and bliss, he has within him, as long as he puts to one side all that bothers him and makes his life hell. Here our forefathers give us 10 small but valuable lessons for our happiness!
1. Do everything with love!
We live with feelings, not with the hours on the sundial. We should measure time with the beats of the heart.
Love is the cause of unity of all things
2. Embrace the challenges and learn from them
As says the ancient maxim: "Live the present and forget the past." The challenges are always a chance for something new. Even the "NO - rejection" may be a new move for a new direction. The biggest obstacle in our lives, is ourselves.
"Small opportunities are often the beginning of major projects."
3. Believe in yourself, listen to yourself and do not take too seriously what others tell you.
Nobody knows yourself better than you know yourself. And no one your children. You will meet a lot of people who will not share the same ideas, the same views and the same vision with you, in terms of parenting. There will be many that will give you free advice in life as how to be a mother or father. Listen without judging them and follow what your heart tells you.
"He who knows how to listen benefits even from those who talk badly."
"Learn to be silent, allow the mind to have some peace and quiet so it can listen and absorb"
4. Dream of what you want, not what you do not want
It is important to dream, to have big dreams and to never stop dreaming. But to always hope for the best
"Do not spend what you have, wishing for that that you do not have. Remember that what you have now, is something that you once dreamed to acquire "
5. Never give up and never lose your faith
Replace fear with hope. Humility, or love and faith, can do wonders. And they will all happen at the right moment and the right time.
"There is nothing" great "that is suddenly created ... even a bunch of grapes takes time to bloom, to bear fruit and ripen ..."!
6. Always think and "feel" positive
Positive thinking is a creation of the ancient Greeks. Always focus on the present and the reasons why you rejoice! Remove and distance from your lives negative people and always be sure to be surrounded by people with positive energy. And as our respected ancestors say:
"Medical cures are linked with the substance of the mind '
"Happiness depends upon ourselves"
7. Search within yourself for the answers
Thought and introspection always helps us to find the right solution when we feel confused
"What we can achieve from inside us will change our outer reality.
" Plutarch
8. The difficult situations we face make us more courageous
"Our courage is not seen during our everyday happy relationships, but in life's challenges and adversity"
9. Do not resist your destiny
"No one can escape his destiny '
"In each of us there are three virtues: Prudence, strength and good luck"
Ion of Chios
10. See your mistakes as a positive and as experiences that will move in the direction of your dreams.
"He who strives for more makes the most mistakes"
And thus learns the most from these

The orthodox Christian religion has stolen much from the ancient Greek religion and civilization to give meaning to its original inadequate philosophy. What has been plagiarized ? What do we want to take back ?


The early Christian followers and the later-day church fathers, plagiarized from the writings of the ancient Greek philosophers such as Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and others. They “re-worded” the “teachings, principles and values” that these philosophers espoused and attributed their “teachings-principles and values” to Jesus, his disciples and to the later created saints of the Christian religion.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity are founded on lies, fear, blind faith and false promises!

The Jewish apostle Paul (Saul) spoke fluent Greek and thoroughly studied Greek philosophy. Paul was the biggest plagiarizer the world has ever known! 

Άγιοι είναι μια χριστιανική δημιουργία!

Saints are a Christian creation!

NEW YEARS “THARGILOS ARTOS” ..... Θάργηλος άρτος 

"The cutting of the “Vassilopita” is one of the few ancient traditions that survive. Our Folkloric scholars discover the root of this custom in ancient Greek tradition. The ancient Greeks offered to the Gods at every major juncture of their lives ‘festive bread’ ... OF COURSE IT WAS NOT THEN CALLED A VASILOPITA!..............In ancient times it was called Θάργηλος άρτος

Today in the Hellenic tradition of the Hellenic National Religion we still practice this tradition on the first day of the New Year.
We now call it the New Years Thargilos Artos....Θάργηλος άρτος. A coin is placed in the “Artos” before baking.

At midnight just when we have entered the New Year or just before lunch on the same day, we express our thanks to the Gods for blessing us with the ability to safely complete the year we had just left behind!
We also pay homage and express our thanks to the Gods for allowing us the good fortune of seeing in the New Year!

The head of the family then proceeds to cut the “New Years Thargilos Artos”.
The first piece is offered to the Gods as a thanks giving symbolic gesture……this also symbolizes the sharing of bread together with the Gods.
The other pieces of bread are distributed to all those present.
The person who is fortunate to find the coin in their piece of bread is considered to have been bestowed with luck and good fortune and as having also being bestowed a great honor!
For this person for the next 12 months is expected to be a good role model citizen in the community. They will have the duty and honor to strive for excellence and virtue in their daily lives and by their good deeds set an example for their community and family members!



The following principles and values are of the most important in the Hellenic National Religion and Honor-Faith:

* The 147 Delphic Maxims (Commandments)

* The 40 Phrases of Democritus

* The Ten Commandments of Solon (founder of Athenian democracy)

*The 10 Phrases of Socrates

* 10 Ways to happiness that were taught by the ancient Hellenes

1. Trust good character more than promises.
2. Do not speak falsely.
3. Do good things.
4. Do not be hasty in making friends, but do not abandon them once made.
5. Learn to obey before you command.
6. When giving advice, do not recommend what is most pleasing, but what is most useful.
7. Make reason your supreme commander.
8. Do not associate with people who do bad things.
9. Honor the gods.
10. Have regard for your parents.

- Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers.

* Should we also include the Pericles funeral oration and many other jewels from our ancient philosophers?

From ancient times we Hellenes believed and still believe that people should be concerned in matters of society. We believed and still believe that we all have a duty and obligation to participate and make a contribution to society. We should not only take, but put back into society. As a people we always had values which had to do with "duties and obligations" etc.

These values we still hold true today. We believe that the Hellenes of Hellas and the Hellenes in the Diaspora must remain true to all of the above. We also believe that the Hellenic people should participate and contribute to the political life of the country they live in. We believe they should become active members of a political party of their choice. In no way should Hellenic people who are members of a particular party or supporters of that party promote hatred against Hellenic people who are members or supporters of the opposing political party. Rather they should have respect, love and friendship, understanding,co-ordination and co-operation between them so that they can achieve all their goals. Only in this way can we give the correct example to our children, only in this way can we win the attention and respect from the 2nd ,3rd and 4th generation. Only in this way can we have Hellenic success. We must find a way of incorporating these pinciples and values into the Hellenic National Religion and Faith.


When we use our mental, emotional and physical resources wisely and carefully, based on our needs rather than desires, we are able to fulfill our responsibility as trustees of our earth.

Practicing compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for the self and others, enables us to heal our sometimes shattered society.

Putting an end to negative and wasteful thinking and using the power of the mind in a positive way is the foundation for transforming our Cosmos – Κόσμος

Recognizing the uniqueness, wonder and beauty of our own being (know thyself ) – autognosίa - αυτογνωσία- to know oneself,to recognize our shortcomings,our strengths and weaknesses enables us to treat ourselves, others, animals and nature with consideration and care.

Με την αυτογνωσία φερόμαστε ταχύτερα και σταθερότερα στην γνώση και στη μάθηση,των οποίων την ακρότατη βαθμίδα κατέχει η απροσπέλαση για τον άνθρωπο Σοφία.Φτάνουμε στη δυνατή γαλήνη και ηρεμία πνεύματος και ψυχής,προϋποθέσεων της ευτυχίας.Οδηγούμαστε με την ηθική διαβίωση,στην τελείωση και στην αγιότητα,τον μοναδικό αλλά και ύψιστο σκοπό της γήινης ύπαρξης του ανθρώπου. ( Πυθαγόρα 580 - 500 π.χ. )

With knowledge of oneself we guide ourselves faster and more stable on the road to knowledge and learning, which holds the outer tier or inaccessible wisdom. We reach the most possible peace and quiet of spirit and
soul which is a condition to healthy living and happiness - Eudemonia/Ευδαιμονία.We are guided in the moral life of perfection and holiness, which is the highest aim of existence of man on Earth.. (Pythagoras 580-500 BC)

When we remain true to our inner values – προσωπικές αξειες- and follow our God (Gods) given conscience, despite resistance from others, our actions bring benefit to many.

Realizing that we (our souls in union with the energy &power of nature –in union with GOD) are the creators of our own world, and that we always have a choice as to how we deal with the challenges of life, brings a sense of freedom and responsibility, which gives us the faith and courage to make a difference.

Living a healthy lifestyle (healthy body &  healthy mind), eating healthy food, cooked with love, nourishes our whole being and allows us to contribute in a positive way to our community, to our fellow man and to society.

The more powerful and positive our vision of the future, the more likely we are to achieve it.

Spending time alone ,communicating with God(s), in silent prayer, or meditation, gives us the inner strength and wisdom to deal with life in a more positive and peaceful way.

All people,if they follow the truth of their soul,have unlimited power to fulfill their dreams and achieve their individual fulfillment.

Ολοι οι άνθρωποι,εάν ακολουθήσουν την αλήθεια της ψυχής τούς,έχουν απεριόριστη δύναμη να εκπληρώσουν τα όνειρα τους και να επιτύχουν την ατομική τους ολοκλήρωση.

We are not the descendants of Adam and Eve, and maybe (however the writer is of the view we are not) we are not the descendants of Abraham, we are not the children of Moses Isaac, Sara, Rebbecca or Jacob as we are brainwashed into believing by the “Greek orthodox church”, our mother country is not Israel, our mother country is Hellas, the Hellenic Republic of Greece. We are the children of Deukaliona and Pirra.

We are the descendants, of Homer, Pausanias, Isocrates, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras and many other forefathers of great wisdom.

We must find a way to achieve all the above that has been stated in this document. It is most important that we do so if we wish to remain relevant as a people ! We need to achieve all the above if we wish to survive as a Hellenic people !
We must do all we can so that we do not become extinct as a people. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our ancestors and we have a duty to keep our word
( promise ) to God.

This is the only reason that this document has come into existence. What we do know with certainty is that many Hellenes in the Diaspora are lost daily and we need to take action to reverse this trend. We have a duty and obligation to try everything to achieve this goal. Our refusal will surely bring about our demise and extinction as a people in the Diaspora. We need to create now, not tomorrow a national Hellenic ideological foundation which we can build upon, our hopes and salvation as a people. We need to discover our own golden formula which will help us to preserve and maintain our race.

A nation (ethnos- εθνος) which does not teach its children its real history, its suffering and its glorious achievements. If it does not plant knowledge, love and affection for its forefathers is condemned to failure and extinction. Unfortunately this is what we are doing! It is time we started teaching through our religion the true Hellenic ideology, Hellenic history and civilization to our children! How will they learn to love the motherland and be proud of their identity if we keep on teaching them through Christian religious tuition, everything about a foreign people and country?

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to receive the necessary assistance from Greece as many learned people tell us that the renaissance and enlightenment has yet to reach the shores of our beloved mother country.

Δυστυχώς είναι αδύνατον να λάβομε την κατάλληλη βοήθεια από την πατρίδα, διότι όπως ισχυρίζονται πολλοί άνθρωποι των γραμμάτων, η αναγέννηση και ο διαφωτισμός ποτέ δεν έφτασε στην σύγχρονη Ελλάδα.

We welcome all the Hellenes around the world,
who love Greece, Hellenism and the Hellenic spirit to organize themselves into working groups and to study, research and to make a contribution to the revival and resurrection of the Hellenic religion.

We encourage all to read the book titled “The Holocaust of the Hellenes “(Τό Ολοκαύτωμα του Ελληνισμού) By Gerasimos Kalogerakis.

«Ζήτω το Εθνος των Ελλήνων!» Long live the Hellenic People!
Ζήτω όλη η ανθρωπότητα! Long live all the People of The World (Cosmos). Hellenism= Hellenic National Religion and  Honor.

Our Hellenic Religion is founded on love. We believe in God i.e. the power and energy of nature&; through evolution over time created the World , Solar System, Universe and all the Universes. We believe this evolution was/is a work of love, a labor of love, a creation of love by our (Gods) God. We therefore believe that all that God wants from us humans is to love, preserve and maintain everything that God created , and to take that love to its natural conclusion in all matters. It is therefore our duty to:- • Love and respect our fellow human beings. • Love, protect, preserve and maintain the Plant Kingdom. • Love, protect, preserve, and maintain the Animal Kingdom. • Love, protect, preserve and maintain our planet Earth, our home for future generations. • Love, protect, preserve and maintain our identity, language, and civilization-culture, given/gifted to us by God and pass it on to future generations. We Hellenes believe only when we search within ourselves and by our own volition discover that inner-love that we all have , only when we discover this love that has been gifted to us by God , we can achieve peace of mind and reach a high spiritual level of existence which gives us true freedom to be useful to ourselves , to our families , to our communities , to society in general and to the Hellenic Nation. Only when we discover our own inner love can we grow and reach our full potential in life.


 Hellenism – Principles and  Values

The Hellenic National Religion strictly forbids:-

• The circumcision of males and females.
• Does not approve of sex operations that change the gender of males or females.
• The death penalty.
• Amputation as a punishment of crimes by the state or any other body or group in society.
• The inhumane practice of pedophilia.
• The keeping of slaves.

The Hellenic National Religion allows supports and encourages:-

• The transfusion of blood to save lives and to improve the health of the sick.
• Organ donations and transplants to save lives and to improve the health of the sick providing high moral principles of our faith are applied and the laws of the land are respected so that no crimes are committed.

The family is the foundation stone of society.
The family is the foundation stone of a country and nation.
The family is the foundation stone of civilization.
By destroying the family,we destroy everything.

• that all people are blessed when they are born with a soul that is a gift from the Divine, and our soul is our partner throughout our lives.

• The Ilisia  are not paradise and the Tartara are not  hell.

• In Tartarus  "bad people" are not shut in,  nor do good people go to the Ilisia, but the souls of the good and the bad and mediocre first go to Hades.

• In principle the Titans first go to the Tartara and all who were a threat or attacked the gods.

• In principle to the Ilisia  go the Demigod Heroes who deserve it.

• After this process, we believe that all our souls will return to the Gods,   will be embodied with the Gods and becomes one with the Gods, and will continue with the eternal energy and power of nature (i.e. Cosmos - UNIVERSE) preserve, maintain and create through evolution all things.

When we return to God (the Gods) and become embodied and one with God we reach the highest spiritual level possible and we attain infinite - eternal life, everlasting love and happiness where there is no pain,sorrow,grief or suffering!

(We do not believe as in Judaism and its two children, namely "Christianity" and "Islam" that we are brought before an all powerful God for judgment, to decide whether we go to "Heaven" or are condemned to an everlasting burning "Hell").

We Believe:
• That males and females are treated with respect and as equals, that all human beings are also treated with respect.
• In the freedom of the individual, in freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly.
• In the separation of Religion and State.
• We strongly believe in the institution and implementation of democratic values and principles in the administration of government, religious and or community organizations. This is part of the tradition and values of Hellenic life and must be totally respected in all cases. Dictatorship of any kind is anathema to the Hellenic Spirit and is considered a huge transgression (crime - offense) in our religion.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church are founded on (among st other principals and values) the dictatorship of the clergy!
The people(laity) to be the servants - modern day slaves,who work hard,provide all the money (contributions)and the clergy have all the governing power to make all the decisions and issue orders!

Most of the clergy and in particular, not all, but the majority of the bishops and archbishops are very corrupt. They are only interested in :-
for themselves.

We believe:

From ancient times, at the funeral of a loved one it was the tradition to honour the departed one with a speech (a funeral oration) that celebrated and paid respect to his or her life, the good deeds, the achievements and the contributions of the departed one.
This is and has been for thousands of years an obligation by those that have survived the deceased and a right of the departed ones in the Hellenic tradition.
It is strictly forbidden for anyone to deny these rights and obligations to be carried out in the Temple (or outdoors) at a funeral service. It is considered an enormous crime and offense to do so by the teachings of the Hellenic National Religion & Honor and the Hellenic tradition.
Από τα αρχαία χρόνια, στην κηδεία ενός αγαπημένου προσώπου ήταν η παράδοση προς τιμήν του κεκοιμημένων με μία ομιλία (επικήδειος λόγος) που καταβάλλονταν ως προς τη γιορτή και ζωή του εκλιπόντος, αναγνωρίζοντας και τιμώντας τις καλές πράξεις του, τα κατορθώματα του και της συνεισφορές των κεκοιμημένων προς την οικογένεια του, τους συνανθρώπους του και την πολιτεία.
Αυτό είναι και υπήρξε για χιλιάδες χρόνια η υποχρέωση από εκείνους που έχουν επιβιώσει του αποβιώσαντος και το δικαίωμα αυτών που έχουν αναχώρηση, σύμφωνα με την ελληνική παράδοση.
Απαγορεύεται αυστηρά για οποιονδήποτε να αρνηθεί αυτά τα δικαιώματα και τις υποχρεώσεις που πρέπει να πραγματοποιηθούν στο Ναό σε νεκρώσιμη ακολουθία. Θεωρείται τεράστιο έγκλημα και αδίκημα να το πράξει αυτό οποιοσδήποτε, σύμφωνα με τις διδασκαλίες της Ελληνικής Εθνικής Θρησκείας και Τιμής, και την ελληνική παράδοση.

• We believe it is the duty of all Hellenes to encourage other Ethnic Hellenes to return to the fold, to convert back to Hellenism. We do not believe people should be forced to do so. This is strictly forbidden by our religion.


SYMBOLISM and CONCEPT of the Hellenic Flag
Symbolism and concept of the ancient Greek cross

For followers of the National Hellenic Religion &  Honour


The Greek Cross (an ancient Greek symbol), which is represented as a simple and upright isosceles cross, is considered as one of the three most ancient forms of the cross (together with the Saltire and the Sun Cross). It symbolises the four elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire) in equilibrium and stability. By extension, it is a symbol of the harmony of nature. It also symbolises the four cardinal points. Finally, it symbolises the relationship of the Divine (vertical axis) with the World (horizontal axis).
In conclusion, we see that as humans "matured" spiritually through the ages, they analysed the symbol of the cross further and linked it with higher philosophical and theological concepts: The vertical axis was associated with the Heavens, spiritualism, strength and the male element. The horizontal axis was associated with the Earth, sensitivity, logic and the female element. It became the symbol of life, fertility, immortality, the four seasons, the four elements of nature, the four winds and the four cardinal directions, of the balance between matter and spirit, of the duality of nature and the harmonious union of opposite (but not opposing) Forces, as well as of creation.


The cross on the Hellenic Flag of THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC reminds us of the enormous pain and suffering of the Hellenic People from the middle of the 4th century A.D. up to the year 1922 A.D.
It reminds us of the brutal torture holocaust and genocide which was inflicted on the Hellenic people throughout the Christian Eastern Roman Empire (coined Byzantium by a french journalist in the 19th century) by the orders and instructions of the various Roman Emperors {over many centuries} and establishment and was carried out by Roman soldiers and hoards of Christian clergy and their brainwashed Christian flock.  Millions of Hellenes were murdered and their possessions and wealth was confiscated and passed on to the Christian Church, all because they refused to abandon their Hellenic religion  and convert to Christianity. Over the same period throughout the empire the Hellenic Temples of worship were destroyed and demolished and Christian churches with the same materials were built in their place. Libraries were burnt to the ground, statues and works of art were destroyed, theaters and philosophical schools of education were demolished and outlawed.

The Olympic Games were banned; the theater, sports-athletics, singing and dancing were also forbidden. The Christians did all they could to bring about the extinction of the Hellenic people,
Hellenic Civilization and the Hellenic Spirit. The cross symbolizes and reminds us of that attempt to totally wipe (genocide) out the Hellenic People.

The cross also reminds us of the 400 years of brutal enslavement of the Hellenic People by the
Turkish Ottoman Empire and the genocide of the Hellenic People in mainland Greece, the Aegean islands and Asia Minor carried out by them and their successors up to the year 1922 A.D.
It is estimated that between 500,000 to one million Greeks alone in Anatolia were  viciously wiped out by the Turks between 1914 to 1919 in the "Turkish Genocide of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian populations".

Most of the unspeakable above was carried out by people whose religion like that of some African tribes, who believed in making human sacrifices to their God, in this case the human sacrifice of a man called JESUS, who was a loyal patriotic Hebrew (Jew) and a REVOLUTIONARY whose only crime was to speak out publicly against the Hebrew Establishment - traitors – Rulers - of that time who were in collaboration with the barbaric Roman occupiers of his country, Israel and who wanted to free his people and country from foreign occupation - He was definitely no God.

JESUS was a political - religious - revolutionary (cult figure) of his time.He and his followers (in particular the people that wrote the various bibles) plagiarized an enormous amount of their material from ancient Greek philosophy -religion and civilization, also the church fathers of the various Ecumenical Councils did the same.In their deliberations they added, subtracted, molded and re-molded the christian philosophy (story) in order to create the Christianity the church teaches today.

The New Testament over the first few hundred years was written, re written and changed and re-molded many times. Many passages were omitted, changed, overhauled and many new ones were made up and included in order to create the Christianity the Church teaches today.

The blue stripes on the flag symbolize the clear blue waters surrounding our land and the white stripes symbolize the white waves which lovingly caress its shores.
The nine (9) stripes in total symbolize the word - eleutheria- (Ελευθερια ) –Freedom- and the nine letters in its spelling.
This comes from the great cry of Freedom or Death which was chanted by the brave warriors during the revolutionary war of Independence against the Ottoman Turkish occupiers.

To bring about change, great courage is needed as expressed in this speech by a great leader of the 21st century.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who I am to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous ?
Actually who are you not to be ? You are a child of God.
Your being small doesn’t serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that people will not be insecure around you.
We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is within everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give others permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others !

It’s time we Hellenes found the great courage to liberate ourselves from this foreign religion which was forced on us at great cost of Hellenic lives. It’s time we liberated ourselves and our children from this inferiority complex we have about ourselves as a people, because of the false ideology and false history and foreign traditions which are forced on us by the “Greek” orthodox church and the Hellenic Educational Ministry !

The following is an excerpt of Aeschylus, where Aeschylus urges Greeks to fight bravely to save their country from the Persians.

The quote in free translation says:
''Children of the Greeks, run to free your homes, your children and your wives and your customs and traditions ( ie. the gods and your faith )
for now, above all excels struggle''!

This Christian church has been exploiting the Hellenic nation, has been sucking the blood of the Hellenic people for the last 1700 years. It’s time we found the courage to break the chains of bondage and to say enough is enough. It’s time we once again became masters of our own destiny.

Long before Christianity appeared on the horizon we were the leading light, building great monuments such as the Parthenon and we lead in the fields of astronomy, medicine, architecture, science, art, theater, music, sport and democracy. It is our forefathers that laid the foundations of civilization as we know it today. We have every reason to be proud of our forefathers of, our own Hellenic civilization, of our own Hellenic religion which guided us on the road to achieving these great deeds. We wrote thousands of books, recording much knowledge of great value to mankind. We built great libraries to house these books and to make them accessible and available to all people.

The only people known in history to systematically burn down libraries and books were the Nazis and Christians.

The Old Testament was translated into the Hellenic language approx. 250 to 300 B.C. by 70 Hellenic speaking Jews over a period of approx. 75 years.

The first followers of Jesus were Jews and the first Christians were therefore Jewish. Many historians believe that the great Hellenic library of Alexandria was burnt down (totally destroyed) by these Christian Jews.

In later years it was this Christian Jewish movement that infiltrated and penetrated the Roman establishment, influenced and convinced the Roman emperors to establish Christianity as the official religion of the Empire.

It was this Christian Jewish movement which convinced the Roman establishment to strike out and totally destroy the Hellenic National Religion and Hellenic Civilization.

The Judaeo/Christian religion, Jehovah's  witnesses,Muslims and others were and are religiously diametrically opposed to Hellenism i.e. Hellenic theology !

Why we Hellenes do not believe in the God of the Christians,Jews,Jehovah's witnesses and Muslims ?
Why we Hellenes do not believe in the God of the Old Testament ?
To better understand this,we must first examine what orders,directions and advice this God gave to His chosen people.
Only then can we confirm with certainty that this God has nothing in common with the God (Gods) of the Hellenic People.


As a primary school teacher and parent , I welcome Christian education in state schools. As long as it’s taught thoroughly. The perception of the Christian faith has left many people with the notion of the Christian God as a benevolent supernatural force,hoping we do good, punishing us when we do bad. The God of the Bible (Old Testament)  is more than that:-
It will do the students good to dip into the Old Testament and learn of God’s many genocides and sending of plagues and disasters. They will learn how He encourages slavery, abuse of women, rape, murder, and slaughter of animals. Students will learn they were born evil, and that without abandoning rational inquiry and bowing down before the Christian God they will be tortured for eternity.
The moral codes enshrined in the Christian Bible (Old Testament) are cruel, and not what our modern society is founded upon.
Aristides P. Diamandopoulos

Is the Christian God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then where does evil come from ?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

When I became convinced that the universe is natural, that the god of the old and new testament is a myth, there entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood the sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom. The walls of my prison crumbled and fell. The dungeon was flooded with light and all the bolts and bars and manacles became dust.

For more information in Greek and English visit

Πραγματική Ελληνική Ιστορία
To read the book "The Holocaust of The Hellenic People" click here

Whether you disagree with my views on Christianity before you make up your mind – watch this you tube video and then decide:-

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Η Ιουδαιο/Χριστιανική θρησκεία, οι Μάρτυρες του Γιαχωβά οι Μουσουλμάνη και άλλοι, ήταν και είναι ενάντια στον Ελληνισμό, ενάντια στον Ελληνικό πολιτισμό και ενάντια στο Ελληνικό Πνεύμα!

If you want to learn more about the Fathers of the Hellenic People go to :-
Εαν θέλετε να μάθεται περισσότερα για τους "Πνευματικούς Πατέρες του Ελληνικού Λαού πειγένεται στο :

Bringing back to life our Hellenic National Religion and Honor is a much loved work in progress!

We welcome all Hellenes from around the world to participate in this great exciting and enjoyable patriotic challenge.

* In the world of today, mankind will only be saved from its spiral downwards towards a decadent existence from the re awakening of the Holy Hellenic Spirit.

Στον κόσμο του σήμερα, η ανθρωπότητα θα σωθεί μόνο από το φαύλο κύκλο του προς τα κάτω, προς μια παρακμιακή ύπαρξη από την εκ νέου αφύπνιση του Αγίου Ελληνικού Πνεύματος. 

Theological and Cosmological matters

• Christianity has great moral messages, what does your religion offer?
• You are ungrateful! Jesus was crucified for our sins!
• What are your beliefs and what is your Religion called?
• What are the Gods?
• What is the dogma of the Hellenic National religion and Faith?
• What are the Holy Texts of the Hellenic National religion?
• Does the Hellenic National religion engage in proselytizing?
• How many Gods do you have, twelve?
• Are you therefore Polytheists?
• Do you want to replace the one God of the monotheists with many Gods?
• How is polytheism different to monotheism?
• What do you mean by the term Cosmotheasis?
• Are you idolaters? If you aren't, then how do you justify the use of statues in your worship?
• Are you Pagans?
• Some make fun of the Hellenic National religion by referring to the wanton sexual practices of the Gods. How do you respond to this?
• Why don't you ask to be recognized as an 'official religion'?
• You state that you represent not only a Hellenic system of beliefs, but Ethnic (National) Hellenic religion itself. You must realize that State recognition is not possible, because there will be insurmountable problems regarding a number of issues, e.g., the legal ownership of archaeological sites.
• There are some who insist that cultivated ancient Hellenes were in fact monotheists.
• Does the Hellenic National religion have a 'professional' priesthood?
• Do your ceremonies have specific conventions?
• Can women become priestesses?
• Do you seriously believe that the Gods live on Mount Olympus?
Regarding Ethnic Hellenic Celebrations and Ceremonies
• What is your view of the modern Olympic Games?
• Which occasions do you celebrate? When and how do you celebrate them?
• Why sacrifice?
• Do you perform blood sacrifices?
• Is it true that the ancient Hellenes performed human sacrifices?

General and political questions.

What is the aim of the Hellenic National Religion & Honor-Faith ?

We seek the moral support of our own people, as well as the re-establishment of the true native, polytheistic Hellenic tradition, religion and way of living in modern Greek society, which is ruled by the Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire) of an Orthodox Church with which Hellenism is irreconcilable.

We strive by all legal means available to familiarize the Hellenic people with the need to respect, preserve, and protect, both morally and literally, their heritage. To facilitate the restoration and elevate our monuments, symbols, ideals and living forms of our Traditions to their rightful place. Whilst taking into account the universal significance, cultural and philosophical values of the Hellenic National religion - fine arts, customs, values, language, mythology, symbolism, literature etc."

We are based on a foundation of goodwill and motivation. We strive for the cooperation not only of individuals but of already organized groups, to produce a valid and generally applicable collective approach to modern Greek reality.

We would like to see the establishment of new movements in every corner of Hellas and the Hellenic speaking world !

Why do you refer to yourselves as 'Ethnikoi' - Nationalist-

In general, the term Ethnikos refers to those who live and conduct themselves in accordance with their native identity and values. A more specific definition refers to those who do not reject their identity, due to conversion to one of the introduced monotheistic creeds (viz. Christianity and Islam).

Judaism, the parent of the above mentioned faiths, refers to all non-Jews as Goyim (gentiles) - (beasts). This term was mistranslated by the Alexandrian interpreters of the Septuagint as 'ta Ethnoi' (the nations) or 'hoi Ethnikoi', in Greek and 'Gentiles' in Latin. We elevate and purify the term by 'returning' it to its original meaning. Hence, maintaining the differences it implies between us and the followers of the Abrahamic faiths and their associated values.

The word 'Hellene' should suffice to describe what we refer to as 'Ethnikoi (Nationalist) Hellenes'. Unfortunately, this term has been denigrated and improperly used in identifying the majority Christian Orthodox subjects of a State that uses the adjective 'Hellenic' in violation of its initial meaning.

What do you think you will achieve by returning to the Ancient Ways in today's society?

We do not just strive for a superficial return to the 'ancient ways', but on the contrary, for the return of a different kind of person, Hellenic Man, who will be governed by humanistic values, as were first expressed and exhibited by our ancestors. A type of man who will journey on the path of Virtue.

We struggle for the humanization of today's savage society, based on eternal Hellenic values and principles that lead man to the creation of civilization, spiritual cultivation, wide-ranging interests and tolerance. This will make him a worthy companion of the Gods.

Today more than ever, humanity, which has been trapped with few available exits, needs to rediscover the ancient values, in order to escape the spiritual and moral swamp it has sunk to.

What are your political proposals?

Even though we do not have a political agenda, we have by definition an authentic 'political' position that was handed down by our forefathers. This is none other than the active participation of citizens in public life, their self-rule and Democracy.

Real Democracy existed under one name or another in all Hellenic Poleis (cities), excepting the archetypical tyrannocracies and monarchies of the Hellenistic period. It is defined by equality of legal, political and civil rights as well as the right to free speech and assembly.

Self-rule is our birthright and was expressed by the Assembly of Citizens (Ecclesia of Demos, Apella etc.), which was the highest legislative body. Positions of authority (including the priesthood) were not occupied by 'professional' office-bearers, but were held by citizens rotated annually, who held office only once. They received minimal material compensation for their services. No one had the right to exploit their position to forcefully dominate others. Hence, the status of the Citizen was guaranteed even in times of war, where there was no possibility for the declaration of 'emergency measures' under martial law.

It is obvious from what was discussed under the heading 'What are your political proposals? that communism & fascism, and other totalitarian ideologies, have no right to refer to pre-Christian Hellenism.

In the past, true Hellenism had been defeated and could not defend itself against fascists with a selfish agenda e, who crudely exploited it in an attempt to derive prestige from our ancestral glory. Christians also refer to Hellenism in a dishonest and indecent way, in order to support the foundations of their beliefs.

The 'Greek Left', which is Byzantine and Christian in its outlook (with a few exceptions, e.g., Papaioannou and Lentakes) is responsible for most recent violations. They have given the noble world, which gave rise to self-determination and Democracy, to fascists on a platter.

Just as Christianity has nothing in common with Hellenism, neither do all its ideological offshoots, such as communism and fascism. How could a fascist or communist conform to the basic Hellenic Principles of Justice and Tolerance?

Do you believe that modern Greeks are the natural descendants of the ancient Hellenes?

At a national level, yes. This is what the revolutionaries of 1821 believed, as evidenced by their first declarations, where they appealed for a National Hellenic revival, after approx. 20 centuries of foreign oppression.

Hellenic consciousness had survived in isolated pockets during Byzantine tyranny, as can be seen clearly in the case of Plethon Gemistos and his associates, or the earlier movement of Leon Sgouros. This was further reinforced in Greece during the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment and various revolutionary movements.

It has to be understood that an Ethnos is not invalidated by circumstances that lead to its non-expression. To survive, it is enough for a small number of its followers to express it and keep it alive. In the case of the Hellenic Ethnos, this occurred during centuries of Christian and Muslim occupation.

Are modern Greeks the genetic descendants of the classical Hellenes?

Some yes, some no, but this is irrelevant. The racialists on both sides can ramble on and claim that we are 100% Slavic, or whatever else, as can those who want to portray us as the pure descendants of Aeakus. However, the true Hellenes did not refer to 'race' (it would have been comical, since at the time this term applied to a small group of 'clans'). Admittedly, a racial consciousness existed in the classical period, which lacks credibility today, given that before and after 1821 other racial groups were absorbed, many of whose number can only be described as 100% Hellenic. We have always existed as a Hellenic people.

Despite Kolokotrones and many other heroes being of Arvanite extraction, by our standards they are certainly Hellenes, since they shed their blood in the name of Hellas. What clown could deny Kolokotrones, Nikitaras and Androutsos their Hellenic identity, based on racial definitions? The domestic racialists owe us a convincing explanation for this crude oxymoron.

What is your position on National Issues?

That depends on what is meant by the term 'National', because regarding the real issues our views are very specific.

The real National Issues are the deforestation and gradual desertification of the Eastern Mediterranean, the complete lack of aesthetic sensitivity, our general enslavement to an inhuman religion, the practical illiteracy of our young, the frightening lack of proper Education, let alone an Hellenic one, the cultivated lack of spiritual expression, reservation of personality, the wretchedness of the media, the cowardice of politicians, the incompetence and corruption of government etc.

Some fall into the trap of setting traps for others, by referring to 'National Issues' centered solely on expanding the rule of the Modern Greek State. This confidence trick is related to the swindle that considers innumerable Hellenic-descended people as Turks or Italians, simply because they are not Orthodox Christians and do not reside within the borders of the Modern Greek State.

An Ethnos is not defined simply on the basis of a country's political borders and may be smaller or greater than that defined by them. We therefore inform those who would present issues centered on which state a piece of land or sea belongs to as 'National'; that the Pontians, the Muslim converts of Asia Minor, the latinized Southern Italians and the native Pomaks belong to the Hellenic Ethnos. Whereas, many Orthodox Christians, who just happened to fall within certain borders, do not belong to it. The state idiotically and dishonestly defies historical facts and with great cunning identifies 'Hellenism' with 'Christian Orthodoxy', for itself and the Church it serves.

Theological and Cosmological matters.

Christianity has great moral messages, what does your religion offer?

The few instances where Christianity shows some spirituality are no more than crude, unsophisticated copies of the moral values first espoused by our philosophers in ancient Hellas.
The remaining Christian teachings lack any real moral content, unless religious intolerance, fanaticism, religiosity, guilt and contempt for spiritual cultivation can be considered as such.

Similarly, Christianity lacks any spiritual value that is equal to that of the Hellenic National religion, unless by this we mean rote learning of psalms, humiliation, insulting Democracy as 'Civitas Diaboli', exhortations to 'love!' (in the imperative mood) and slogans such as 'Orthodoxy or Death!'
The Hellenic National religion in comparison, is non-dogmatic, naturalistic, polytheistic, clearly defined, celebratory and human. It is an affirmation of earthly life and a healthy striving to approach the realm of the Gods. It deepens the link between humanity and the Divine, not with destruction and humiliation, but through joyous rituals, myth-creation, dance, music and communal celebrations, which link us to the wonderful spiritual world of our ancestors, instead of alienating us from it, like Christianity.

You are ungrateful! Jesus was crucified for our sins!

To begin with, we National Hellenes are not burdened by some ancestral sin and our philosophers have securely guided us, with dignity, on the path of Virtue. We therefore have no need for someone to act on, or indeed against, our behalf, let alone to be 'sacrificed' for us. We do not believe we were born sinners!

In addition, Yeshua's supposed 'sacrifice on our behalf', that Christian propaganda rams down our throats, is an absurd story. If the above mentioned Judaeo preacher (Jesus - Yeshua) was indeed 'God', then his crucifixion would be no more than a meaningless prank, as by definition only what is perishable and mortal can be sacrificed.

On the other hand, the philosopher Socrates, whose existence is an historical fact, conquered death and with frankness and serenity did not avoid it, even though he could. Not from a desire to sacrifice himself nor because he wanted a martyr's end, but as a living example of respect for the Law. And this despite knowing that he was a mere mortal. The philosopher Epictetus characteristically wrote: ". They may kill me, but they cannot cause me harm".

What are your beliefs and what is your Religion called?

What we mean by 'belief' has little relation to what Christians understand by the term 'faith', the definition of which today clearly relates to a form of subservience. Naturally having said this, we, as was the case with our ancestors, cannot be described as not having beliefs. However, our ancestors preferred to use the verb nomizein (to think) and the related term nomizomenon (what is thought of, or understood). To make ourselves clearer today, we refer to the 'perception' of the Gods and the Cosmos. National Hellenes perceive the Cosmos to be a self-created, infinite, "ordered and adorned" entity that arose from within itself, and that we, and everything else in existence, are but infinitely small organic parts of this entity.

Our Gods are a multitude of apportioned immortal beings, self-energizing and self-sufficient 'forces', not personalities, that inhabit this 'Unity' that gave birth to itself. They are the multiple expressions of this Unity that give substance and order to the Cosmos and keep it interconnected and harmonious. (Collectively all our Gods represent the powers of nature, that make up the Cosmos - together they represent the one true God of Nature).

In the healthy pre-Christian human state, the Earth's surface teemed with a polymorphic Ethnosphere. By this we mean a beautiful variety of indigenous civilizations, traditions and religions that were distributed in every part of the world. Each unique Nation understood the Divine differently and appealed to the Gods using a variety of names. Hence, the various Native Religions became unique in themselves and every Nation, and its spiritual descendants, 'brought down' elements of the Godly realm to their altars, as appropriate to their particular needs. Our understanding of the Divine is the same as that of our ancestors, and is expressed by our Religion, whose origins are lost in remote antiquity.

What are the Gods?

Because of today's degeneracy, before this question is answered we must reiterate what was emphasized by Sallustius, at the beginning of his work "On Gods and the Cosmos", i.e., that those with a desire to know about the Gods need to have been educated correctly and not to have been brought up with absurd beliefs. To have a good disposition and logical composition, so that they can accordingly understand matters as well as comprehend common meanings.

The Gods are non-personal beings, possessing both knowledge and immortality. They flow unhindered through and around the whole material world and act upon it. As functionaries of the sacred Mysteries, they participate in 'eternal formation', i.e., the continuous synthesis and de-synthesis of forms. The Gods' spheres of influence do not overlap. They are responsible for the regulation of the Natural World, whose laws they serve. They act flawlessly and without retreat, are not replaced, do not cease to exist, and cannot be defeated by the appetites and expectations of impious mortals or institutions.

The Gods are free and independent entities. They are all equally Divine and are not empowered by any other being or force. They rejoice when inferior entities freely recognize their existence and bestow upon them honor and respect. They do not however need this recognition, nor do they seek it. As Gods they want nothing, they simply shape whatever they desire.

What is the dogma of Ethnic Hellenic religion?

For today's Christians, the prevailing view of what is meant by 'dogma' is a complete distortion of the ancient term that meant a particular philosophical position. Their definition includes a blind faith in the Trinitarian nature of the 'one God', incomprehensible even to them, the dual nature of Yeshua (Jesus) etc. Naturally, Hellenic National religion has no 'dogma' by this definition, but is rather a way of perceiving things. It is therefore not a confusing compilation of pseudo-theological narratives, but is based instead on very specific principles, in turn derived from logic and scientific knowledge, Hellenic tradition and civilization.

Our 'dogma' includes: the obligation we all have to speak and act logically as a mark of respect for Universal Reason, our honest relationship with all living beings, tolerance towards all views that are expressed logically, education through life-experience, respect for measure, the continuous study of the Cosmos and Humanity.

What are the Holy Texts of Ethnic Hellenic religion?

We don't have one sacred book containing the commands or revelatory words of 'God', whose purpose is to regulate humanity's servile obedience to a celestial dictator. On the contrary, the large number of our texts, numbering many thousands, presents the truth in its entirety. Sacred texts are for us the whole corpus of (ancient) Hellenic Learning, at least those works that have survived the sinister flames of Christian pyres (fire). These texts are the condensation of human reasoning in its attempts to validly interpret the Cosmos in a way liked by the Gods, that is, logically.

Does Hellenic National religion engage in proselytizing?

Certainly not, we are dealing here with a clearly ethnic polytheistic (natural) religion, that is to say one that concerns a very specific Ethnos.

The phenomenon of proselytism belongs exclusively to the anti-ethnic and 'ecumenical' monotheistic religions. Their aim is to foster a denial of previously held correct views and replace them with novel alien ones. Proselytism involves crude attempts to misguide naive and spiritually weak people. To us it is wholly detestable, both as a means to an end and as a way of making a point.

We are enemies of all forms of proselytism, because it nullifies autonomy and free will. In our country, all foreign religions engage in proselytism, including the ruling one that practices it with especial audacity, calling it 'catechism' (and even emphases the 'importance of catechism' in the state education system). The outrageous laws of the Metaxas dictatorship granted 'Christian Orthodoxy' the sole right to proselytize, making it unlawful for its competition. All forms of proselytism are raw violent attacks against human liberty.

How many Gods do you have, twelve?

The Gods as infinite expressions of Unity are naturally multiple and most certainly exceed twelve in number. However, our religion confines itself to a complete and harmonious symbolic Pantheon of six Gods and six Goddesses. This Pantheon expresses a perfect, divine quintessence (the number 12 symbolizes completeness and perfection) that fulfils and bonds the Cosmos. It is also symbolized by the 'most perfect' of the famous Pythagorean canonical polyhedral, the dodecahedron.

Are you therefore Polytheists?

We can answer in the affirmative, but should first reiterate that the terms 'monotheism', 'polytheism' etc. are used only as conventions, as in reality the monotheists invented these terms to distinguish themselves from normal humanity. Since humanity never doubted the multiplicity of the Universe, we use 'polytheism' simply to contrast ourselves from the so-called 'monotheists'.

Unity cannot exist without the presupposition of the 'many'. The term is misleading because it has nothing to do with the number of Gods per se, but rather the placing of the Creative Cause outside the Cosmos, which in turn implies its creation from naught (a completely unscientific thesis). Monotheists believe that the laws governing the Universe emanate from the only external, eternal being. This justifies the 'Creator's' right to act autocratically towards 'his' own creation, which has a beginning and will die at some time, as per 'his' desire.

In contrast, our ethnic polytheistic religion assert that the living Cosmos has emanated from within itself and is eternal. There is no external 'Cause' that created all from nothing. The Gods are self-reliant and conscious forces, who are multiple expressions of Unity, emanate from within it and serve its perpetual path.

Do you want to replace the one God of the monotheists with many Gods?

Not really. The restoration of The Hellenic National religion involves more than just changing names and replacing a few idiots with more logical people. There needs to be a simultaneous change in the currently sick way the Cosmos is perceived. The Hellenes carefully define their relationships with the natural environment, their fellow humans and internal universe. For us Man, Nature and the Gods are part of an inseparable organic union, whereas for monotheists the relationships between Man, Nature and 'God' are in perpetual conflict.

How is polytheism different to monotheism?

The chasm that separates the two centers on where the Divine is placed in relation to the Cosmos and on the type of person each one shapes. Let us not forget, as Louis Menard noted, that the belief in an autocratic heaven gave rise to earthly monarchies and autocracies, whereas celestial 'Democracy and Equality' was mirrored on Earth.

In monotheistic religions 'God' (i.e., Yahweh) exists outside a Universe that 'he' allegedly created from nothingness, at some point in time, which 'He' has ruled unchecked ever-since. For polytheists the Gods are found within the Cosmos and are concerned only with its perpetual expression, subject to Logic and Anangke (i.e. Necessity). Anangke is the natural and moral Cause that inevitably compels Nature into a rhythmic energy that regulates all that has occurred and will occur.

Hence, a Cosmos without Logic is incomplete, which is why the Gods voluntarily submit to the Cosmic Laws that have been shaped from within it. This in turn leads to perfection in the Gods, who by definition cannot shape something that is flawed. The natural and existing Hellenic Gods can be approached with logical human reason. By comparison, the unnatural and non-existent 'God' of the monotheists can only be expressed by derangement of the Universe's logical arrangement via various 'miracles', for which they senselessly seem especially proud. 'Miracles' are forceful violations of the logical, natural order of the Universe, which essentially demonstrate the flawed nature of Yahweh, as the creator of an imperfect creation.

What do you mean by the term Cosmotheasis?

This is translated with great difficulty into English. The term Cosmos is used by Greek-speaking Christians to refer to the 'world' and society in general. In these articles the term Cosmos is returned to its original Hellenic meaning and is used interchangeably with 'Universe'. These concepts are almost impossible to understand from a Christian perspective, which may explain why for centuries the "... Earth [was] flat and the center of God's creation." Cosmotheasis means much more than 'worldview' (Weltanschauung), as it encompasses the concept that all in existence (including the Gods) functions as a harmonious 'Oneness' (Unity). The Cosmos is intelligent and sacred in itself. Nothing can perceivably exist outside it, including the Christian 'God'.

The meaning of the term Cosmo-theasis is implied by its two components. It is the way that one views (theasis), or perceives the Cosmos. The result of the specific 'theasis' of each Ethnos (Nation) is the Cosmology, Religion, Philosophy and everyday Customs that it leads to. Understanding Cosmotheasis is therefore very important, since it influences the type of people, system of government and culture that is developed by each Ethnos.

Are you idolaters? If you aren't, then how do you justify the use of statues in your worship?

By proper definition 'Idolatry' is any homage paid to the Divine that uses 'idols' i.e., the conventional portrayal of the Gods in the form of icons, statues or symbols. This is the only serious method of approaching the Sacred. Without visible representation of the inaccessible and faceless Divinities, it becomes difficult for man to perceive them. Having understood this concept, most Christians also practice 'idolatry'. However, for them it took rivers of blood during the massacres between iconoclasts and iconolaters to comprehend this.

The terms 'Idolater' and 'Idolatry' were used insultingly to mock and belittle the Religion of our liberal-minded ancestors, in the Christian war against the Hellenes. The early Christian 'Fathers' hated Hellenism, but were unable to logically attack Philosophy and counter the strong Religion of the Hellenic Ethnos. They therefore tried to make fun of it by accusing our ancestors of worshipping the materials used in their representations (rocks, marble, clay, wood etc). Their methods of attack were completely foolish and easily countered by the philosopher Kelsus (in 'The True Word'). He sarcastically informed then that the Ethnikoi Hellenes knew very well the materials they used to represent their Gods, and that it was what was represented that was actually honored, not the materials per se. As such, the Church's official definition of the word 'Idolatry' is not that which is shared externally with the flock.

According to the 'Three Hierarchs' our Gods are 'non-existent', but at the same time (in contradiction to the above) exist as entities struggling against Yeshua and Yahweh. It is at this point that the Christians begin to crudely insult our ancestral Religion, Gods and religious symbols, as being parts of an alleged demonolatry.

Are you Pagans?

The term 'Pagan', which in the original Latin is derived from Paganus (peasant), is yet another insult used by the victorious Christians since the 4th Century A.D., to belittle what remained of the Native Religions.

They used this to label all those remaining loyal to their National Ethnic Traditions, to imply that they were uneducated and uncouth villagers. The term was used for centuries in most European languages to refer to the Ethnikoi (Nationalists). In the 20th Century, it was reintroduced with the suffix neo (viz. Neopaganism), by various Christian-inspired devotees of Esotericism and the New Age. 'Neopaganism' doesn't concern us. It may even be a manufactured ploy to detract from the current world rule of the so-called 'Monotheists'.

Some make fun of the Ethnic Hellenic National religion by referring to the wanton sexual practices of the Gods. How do you respond to this?

We simply pity them, because of the degenerate level of their boundless stupidity. Our Gods and Goddesses are not personalities, nor do they have a gender that would allow them to participate in physical practices necessary for mortals.

We Ethnikoi Hellenes, describe the Gods anthropomorphically simply because the High Theology contained within the Myths (mysteries) can be better appreciated when it is changed into a more comprehensible language, conforming to human measures. Every Myth hides within it one of many profound symbolism. Mortals are invited to seek and research them according to their quality, which is dependent on their Understanding of the Cosmos and Education. It is not surprising therefore, that when vulgar people bring a Myth down to their base level they interpret it accordingly.

Why don't you ask to be recognized as an 'official religion'?

We don't think there is an issue of recognition, or otherwise, of our Ethnic Hellenic religion by some petty state authority, requiring an application, as if we were some small monotheistic sect. The existence of our ancestral polytheistic Religion is by rights just, as it is indigenous, native, historically well known and much older than any other religion, including today's ruling creed.

Despite the fact that the freedom to practice religion, in Hellas, is 'guaranteed' by Law 2462/97- Article 18, we assert without discussion, that our inherited Olympic Hellenic Religion, as practiced by law-abiding citizens of good reputation, is the only natural Religion of the Hellenic Ethnos. Its public recognition by society, after 16 centuries of banishment by the anti-Hellenic emperors of New Rome - Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire), is more than just a matter of 'legality' involving approval by some petty authority, but a de facto acceptance by modern Greek society. A narrow 'legal' recognition of our Hellenic National religion is not only improper, but also insulting. Such proceedings would include the absurd premise that there is a requirement for the consent of an autocratic foreign creed. It is comical to think that in our country a recently arrived monotheistic sect would deem our ancient Religion unlawful.

When the time comes, and it will come, when we are officially recognized by the Modern Greek State, this must occur by an Act voted in triumphantly by the Greek Parliament, as was the case with the Ethnic religions of Iceland and Lithuania.

You state that you represent not only a Hellenic system of beliefs, but Ethnic Hellenic religion itself. You must realize that State recognition is not possible, because there will be insurmountable problems regarding a number of issues, e.g., the legal ownership of archaeological sites.

We are well aware of the current state of affairs. Nevertheless, the dynamic existence of an indigenous religious community cannot depend on its recognition by a regime that, by its own admission, blindly obeys the commands of a hostile ruling creed. Consequently, so-called 'official recognition' is not our problem, but solely that of the modern Greek State, which due to its voluntary submission to the Christian Church bears sole responsibility for the absurd state of religious affairs in our country.

The Government has a duty to: 'de-mediaevalise' modern Greek society as soon as is possible, institutionally and financially distance itself from a Church that has illegally acquired its boundless assets, make monasticism unlawful etc. The legal ownership of these properties is not that important, but should remain with the State.

Shrines must be re-erected and the burning of Styrax returned to our Sacred Sites!
There are some who insist that cultivated ancient Hellenes were in fact monotheists.
These people are common hustlers, trying to take advantage of the ignorance surrounding the true nature of their so-called 'monotheism'. There were no monotheistic Hellenes. Those who allege this idiocy are projecting their own Christian beliefs onto a fundamentally different world. In fooling themselves they drag other simple, semi-literates down to their level.

Does the Hellenic National religion have a 'professional' priesthood?

There was never a 'professional' priesthood in our Ethnic Hellenic religion, as far as mainstream religious practices go, which were both public and personal. In antiquity 'professional priests' were only employed as soothsayers and in the mystery forms of the religion, the details of which have been lost and cannot be practiced today.

For the time being, in the modern practice of the Hellenic National religion any moral individual, who is able to respectfully face the Gods, can fulfill priestly obligations. In contrast to the Christian clergy who pretend they are their 'God's' agents, the elected priests of the Ethnikoi act as representatives of their community to the Godly realm.

However if the need arises to have an organized priesthood, we see no problem in this becoming a reality.

Do your ceremonies have specific conventions?

Yes of course. The conventions of today's religious practices have been distilled from the diligent study of ancient sources. They have been constructed to cover the spiritual requirements of modern Ethnikoi, without binding them to compulsory and inflexible formulae as this is an evolving process of bringing back our religion to the modern world.

Can women become priestesses?

Women aren't just involved in ceremony but the Gods themselves have directed their participation. In addition to everything having a dual nature, our Pantheon is symbolically half-composed of six Goddesses. Women being closer to Nature's cycles are especially privileged to be able to bring forth life from within their bodies.

Do you seriously believe that the Gods live on Mount Olympus?

Olympus is indeed the symbolic spiritual abode of the Olympian Gods. However, it is not the well-known mountain separating Thessaly from Macedonia on whose peak our ancestors built alters, knowing full well that it could not therefore be the Gods' literal abode. There were 18 other mountains also called Olympus in distant places inhabited by Hellenes, from Asia Minor to the colonies in the West.

The true Olympus was and is a Divine place, a celestial 'land' that is bathed in Spiritual Light. In fact the word Olympus is derived from the verb 'Lampo' (I radiate), whose archaic root is probably proto-Pelasgian. The sublime Olympus lies above us, below us and within us. Our Gods are everywhere!

Regarding Ethnic Hellenic Celebrations and Ceremonies

What is your view of the modern Olympic Games?

We are opposed to such games, because they are falsely named and have no relationship with the authentic and living spirit of our ancestors, the true Hellenes. They are also quite a world apart from the initial romanticism that justified their creation and revival by non-Greeks, about a century ago. The majority of them were monotheists, ignorant of the real essence of the Games (i.e., their religious nature). Today they are a vulgar commercialization that profoundly insults the symbols and beliefs of our ancestors, who honored with their theology the Sublime, the True and the Beautiful.
Even the name of our religion (Olympic, Olympian) has been turned into a trademark and the local representatives of this blasphemy have made pathetic caricatures of our Gods, Apollo and Athena.

The real Olympic Games, as the pre-eminent symbol-institution of our inherited Cosmotheasis, were abolished by the Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) invaders 16 centuries ago. If they are ever re-established, it will be in all their grandeur along with the revival of the culturally enslaved, for 22 centuries, Hellenic Ethnos. All other 'resurrections' have been, are and will be comical or profane.

Which occasions do you celebrate? When and how do you celebrate them?

Enough information has survived to allow us to celebrate the most important festivals of our ancestors, which centered on the never-ending cycles of Mother Nature (e.g., the Anthesteria). During our celebrations, ceremonies are held in honor of the Gods and the commemoration of our Heroes. Our rituals are performed according to ancient custom with the summoning of the Deity, the recital of hymns and bloodless sacrifice. The latter involves offerings of flowers, fruit, incense, perfume and appropriate libations of wine, milk or honey.

Why sacrifice?

Any act honoring the Gods involves sacrifice, otherwise it becomes a parody. The theology behind sacrifice is based on Communion and Reason. These are both gifts for which the Gods are paid their dues by mortals, in the form of various sustenance-giving riches, taken from Nature.

We could say that the essence of sacrifice is to seek the Gods' consent for the consumption on which the life of mortal beings is based. The philosopher Sallustius, in 'On the Gods and the Cosmos' emphasizes that "...since we have received everything from the Gods, and it is right to pay the giver some tithe of his gifts, we pay such a tithe of possessions. Prayers without sacrifices are only words, with sacrifices they are live words; the word gives meaning to the life, while the life animates the word."

Do you perform blood sacrifices?

There are two types of sacrifices, those involving the letting of blood (i.e., the slaughter of an animal that is later eaten during the festive meal) and blood-less ones. Both are equally sacred. However today, the sacredness of the former is not easily appreciated, because humanity has distanced itself from nature and consumes meat slaughtered savagely with mechanical devices, bought in supermarkets and packaged in plastic. This is why we only persist with the practice of blood-less sacrifice.

The 'accusation' made by Christians regarding blood sacrifice is dishonest and hypocritical. It is simply made to defame us to those who don't know a lot about our Ethnic religion. The Christians, who non-sacrificially slaughter millions of sheep and turkeys during their own celebrations, have few problems with their conscience.

Is it true that the ancient Hellenes performed human sacrifices?

This is just another disgusting, Christian lie. With the exception of mythological narratives, Ethnic Hellenic religious ceremonies NEVER included human sacrifice. Our Religion is innately and instinctively related to philosophy, science and all the other cultural achievements of our ancestors, whilst encompassing the most illustrious, historical approach to the Divine. It was this specific religion and world-view that discovered and expressed the meaning of Humanism. Therefore, even the mere suggestion of human sacrifice is absurd, from every perspective.

Sacrifice, as mentioned above, is the sacred act of communion of mortals with the Gods and a thanksgiving for Nature's riches, involving an offering made by the former to the latter. It is therefore obvious to even the simplest, serious person that this cannot include human victims.

A few endeavour to convince others that the massacre of Persian captives by Themistocles, before the naval battle of Salamis, and the use of some condemned criminals as pharmakoi were 'human sacrifices'. Excepting Hellas-haters, all those who know about our ancestors should also know that there is NO recorded instance of official religious practice involving human sacrifice, in any of the independent, autonomous Hellenic Poleis (cities) - something confirmed by archaeological research. All references to such rituals belong exclusively to the world of mythological narrative.

Minas Savvas, Ph.D.
Professor of American Literature and Creative Writing
San Diego State University, California

I was invited as a participant in a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Hellenism in America.” The other panelists were a professor of philosophy and a professor of ancient history. The professor of philosophy spoke about the modem borrowings and inspirations that sprang from the glorious achievements of the ancient Greeks. He enumerated some of the plays, operas, musical compositions and artistic works in subsequent centuries that would not have been possible without the legacy of Hellenism. The historian, the only non-Greek in the panel, echoed the philosopher, praised the ancient thinkers that all people must cherish and expressed his optimism for the Hellenic ideals.

When my turn came, I spoke about Greek America by reminding the audience that we are addressing our remarks on the future of genuine Greekness. Pessimism, of course, has never been popular, so I was obliged to qualify my remarks by explaining that my kind of Hellenism is not just history and culture in their bare reality, in their invulnerable substance. Such Hellenism is bound to survive, in spite of the barbarians at the gates – the afrocentrsts, multiculturalists and cultural relativists. My Hellenism, I explained, is impassioned knowledge. It is a compulsive affection, not unconditional (as chauvinism would be) but persistent and true. It is getting a lump in your throat when the Greek national anthem is heard or when you read some lines from George Seferis or Yiannis Ritsos. It is the Hellenism that will bring those involuntary tears to your eyes when a Greek village girl stands on the Olympic winner’s platform while the Greek flag is raised and the flutters on the high mast. It is the gloating and rejoicing when you read Sappho’s lyrics or Thucydides judicious prose. It is the urge to wish to fight back when you hear or read Greece and the Greeks are unfairly denigrated. {It would be chauvinism, however, if one did so when the criticism was fair}.

Far from chauvinism, my Hellenism is an instinctive, patriotic love for a vulnerable, much-tormented, achievement-rich, little country where I first saw the sun’s light. Yes, I am cautiously pessimistic about my kind of Hellenism in, say, the year 2060. What with intermarriage [ estimates of Greeks marrying outside of their ethnic origin now range from 65% to 80% ], with no migrants from Greece, and with the third and fourth generation having their consciousness rapidly and most noticeably diminish, I see no light in the end of the proverbial tunnel.
While some of us among the more ethnically vigilant, for instance, puffed our chests with pride because a Greek by the name of Tom Pappas was to represent the United States in the decathlon in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the blond athlete himself was hardly aware that he was Greek. An article a few months after the Olympics, in the weekly The Greek American who interviewed him, pointed out that, “Toms only connection to his Greekness was his name.” (December 9-10, 2000). Tom is, in my view, the mainstream direction of the future, and, judging from similar examples, the future in some respects is already here.

Projections indeed suggest that even by 2040 Greek-American communities as we know them will be shadows of their former selves. AHEPA, the Pan Cretans, the Pan Arcadians, and other such organizations are already becoming geriatric. The lament “Where are the young? Is constant and persistent in specifically Hellenic organizations. Intermarriage and assimilation, already rampant, are bound to increase and though Greek names will still remain and may raise a knowing eyebrow or two, the throbbing musculature of Hellenism, that which is informed by passion and pride, is on its way to becoming a crumbling, osteoporotic skeleton. In certain pockets of America, I presume, even 50 years from now, we will still have the superficially Greek parochial festivals, with those Hellenes who are largely attracted by the catnip of mousaka and tsamiko. Yet, even these, I predict, will be smaller than and only remotely as Greek as we have come to know them in the twentieth century.

As for the role of the Greek Orthodox Church (if it will still be called “Greek Orthodox”), it will have – as it has for almost three decades – turned its back to ethnicity in general. I know there are exceptions, but the liturgy performed increasingly in English , the Church’s distance from secular celebrations, the galloping multiplications of converts, in both clergy and laity, should lead us to some conspicuous conclusions. Patriarch Bartholomeo's recent unfortunate comment that the Church needs to be divorced from Hellenism is indeed a portent of the future. That the Phanar recently did not permit the patriotic Archbishop Christodoulos to lead the Greek Independence parade in New York should not surprise us.

(The Greek Orthodox Church around the world seems no longer to have  a policy of maintaining and keeping alive the Hellenic identity, language, culture or Hellenic heritage. It is now only interested in expanding the number of Orthodox Christians in its ranks, it now only seems to have / has a religious universal role.


Ελληνική Εθνική Θρησκεία και Τιμή
Hellenic National (ethnic) Religion and Honour

* In the world of today, mankind will only be saved from its spiral downwards towards a decadent existence from the renaissance and re awakening of the Holy Hellenic Spirit.

* Στον κόσμο του σήμερα, η ανθρωπότητα θα σωθεί μόνο από το φαύλο κύκλο του προς τα κάτω, προς μια παρακμιακή ύπαρξη από την εκ νέου αναγέννηση και αφύπνιση του Ιερού Ελληνικού Πνεύματος...........Aristotellis Alexandridis).

Though my cynicism does not consort with some strident anti-clerical Greeks who think of the Church as the perennial enemy of Hellenism, there are those who will even argue that in general the Church in America has been trying to subvert Hellenism for decades, forgetting the inextricable connection of the language of the Gospels with the essence of Orthodoxy or of the importance of Hellenic (even if pagan - Hellenic National Religion and Faith) thought to the precepts of the early fathers and of Greek Orthodox theology. But I do surmise that here and there in the Orthodox churches of the future there will still be encouragement for those festivals. Such celebrations, after all, will help to raise funds and those for whom the name Aristotle can only mean Onassis will be parishioners who will have to understand that such ethnic affairs must emphasize more than Hellenism and that in themselves they are unnecessary to being a good Orthodox steward.
I hope, of course, that I am mistaken in my pessimism. And I do wish that my optimism were not so overwhelmed by my pessimism. Oh, yes, I do hope that if there is light at the end of the tunnel it is not the oncoming train. I even could here find it possible to light a candle, besides cursing the darkness. Though diluted and with some of the passion diminished, genuine Greekness may survive with people, Greek or non-Greek, who will concentrate on its values and its ideals. Some of the young Orthodox converts may indeed see beyond the religiosity; some non-Greek mates may move beyond the culinary and such and become truly interested in the essence of their partner’s ethnicity.

Non-Greeks, in general, may indeed out-Hellenize the shallow Hellenes as they become what Isocrates called “participants in our education” (“tis imeteras paideias metehontes”). In turn (and I have met such people) they may indeed promulgate the glory and ideals of Hellenism with an intellectual (even if not patriotic) zeal. It may be that our secular organizations will soon be alarmed enough to institute and subsidize schools – tutorial or of any other kind – that will teach the young their Hellenic heritage and culture. Perhaps, as well, such organizations will initiate closer and more frequent contact with the motherland.

Concurrently, the Greek government itself will have to increase its serious involvement in such endeavors. One can also hope that there will be more and better sponsored trips for our youth to Greece, organized by both the Greek state and our diaspora organizations, and all in consonance with the accelerated program of Greek teaching in the language, the culture and the history of mother Hellas. In this regard, a genuine, continuous dialogue between Hellas and the Hellenic diaspora is bound to enrich both. There is also a ray of hope in the “Greek Chairs” being instituted in American universities, though I do wonder how committed their graduates will become to their acquired Hellenism.

The Greekness whose gradual loss I lament here is a mode of thought and the love and passion that accompany it. For a culture to persist, its past and simple nostalgia, though very important, are not enough. To sustain themselves, traditions must stand fast at their core but ought to carve new pathways into the future. The diminution of Greekness does have much to do with the imperatives of evolution. Each generation, by the very nature of things, is bound to adopt its beliefs, its own priorities and its own perceptions. And yet, in my constitutionally-protected opinion, the Greek Americans, though commendable in many ways, have not done enough to sustain what is significant in their ethnicity; to pass on to their offspring the pride that comes from knowing who they are. Even if something of what had been may be salvaged, as I have here suggested, overall, I am sadly compelled to feel that we are headed toward “the cursed misfortune” of succumbing to their fate.
FALL 2001 – SPRING 2002



HELLENISM : What we believe - What we stand for.

by Κρεσφόντης (Βλ. Ρασσιάς)

Hellenism (ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΣ ΕΘΝΙΣΜΟΣ) is not simply a Religion and Cosmotheory, it is a certain form of human consciousness and an everyday ethos. It is a strong adversary of the so-called “Monotheism” and this not only due to its being the most well-documented of the ancient polytheistic nature-Religions, but also because it is the cultural product of a civilization much higher -on all levels- than the one which created and spread the worship of a Desert “God” throughout the world.

Hellenism perceives Cosmos (ΚΟΣΜΟΣ, i.e. the Universe) as an ever-existing Being, which not only was not created by some “creator” God out of nothing (ΕΚ ΤΟΥ ΜΗΔΕΝΟΣ), but on the contrary allowed the Gods themselves to be created through its procedures. Hellenism understands Cosmos as ΑΠΕΙΡΟΝ (Apeiron, Infinity) in great, wonderful order and therefore in Hellenic language Cosmos means also jewel (ΚΟΣΜΟΣ, ΚΟΣΜΗΜΑ). Gods were born inside the Cosmos and live inside it -they are part of it. This is our REAL dispute with the so-called “Monotheism;” not the number of Gods (One or Many, Mono- or Poly-) but where the God or Gods stand in relation to the Cosmos. For the “Monotheists” the Cosmos was created by an ever -existing Being outside it (so in this macro-historical level it is nothing more than a mortal creation). For the “Monotheists” Cosmos is a creation that has to obey the laws of its “creator”. For us Hellenes, the eternal Cosmos emerges always from inside of itself (ΑΝΑΔΥΕΤΑΙ ΑΦ’ ΕΑΥΤΟΥ) and is the creator of all Gods, which have to obey its own laws. In the Hellenic Cosmotheory, these laws are :

ΑΝΤΙΠΕΠΟΝΘΟΣ ("Antipeponthόs", untranslatable to English, but roughly meaning "all events influence others" thought without "cause and effect"),

ΝΟΜΟΣ ("Nόmos", the entirey of the universal physical Laws), and

ΑΝΑΓΚΗ (“Anάngee” Need and Fate), which all Gods respect and obey.

Due to the eternal nature of Cosmos itself, the Hellenic perception of ΧΡΟΝΟΣ ("Chrόnos", Time) is not linear (as the followers of Yahweh or the modern "rationalists" declare), nor circular (as many judeo-born occult dogmas teach) through the ΟΥΡΟΒΟΡΟΣ symbol ("Ourobόros”, tail-eater snake), but spiral and leading to ΑΠΕΙΡΟΝ. Through this shape of Time, the annual circles, the lunar circles, the human (and all) life, and the art of Prophecy, are fully interpreted. History is never "repeated", just similar to the point that identical events happen but always under different circumstances. And the death of humans (and of all mortal forms of life) happens as the philosopher ΑΛΚΜΑΙΩΝ (Alkmaion) declared, simply "because it is impossible for the end of the circle to touch the beginning". In other words, because it is impossible for the old to become infants again.

For the Hellenic Tradition, or at least its part not yet influenced by the "moral" ideas brought over from eastern civilizations by some famous philosophers as Pythagoras and Plato, no such thing as the "karma" of the eastern theocrats exists, and no "judges" exist in the skies or elsewhere. All dead become automatically holy and then they are born again until through ΑΡΕΤΗ ("Aretee" Virtue) one day their ΨΥΧΗ (Psyche) escapes from the spiral of Time, thus becoming primitive God, ΔΑΙΜΩΝ ("daimon") a word with a positive meaning for Hellenes, in contrast with Judeo-Christain superstition. ΗΡΑΚΛΗΣ (Hercules) is the ultimate symbol of this struggle of each mortal to make his / her way to Olympus, among the Immortal Ones. Hercules is the ultimate symbol for all Hellenes of the past and the present. No, we do not believe in ΜΕΤΕΜΨΥΧΩΣΙΣ ("Metempsyhosis" Re-incarnation) suffering or prospering in this life to pay for or be rewarded for the bad or good actions of previous lives, but instead simply in ΠΑΛΙΓΓΕΝΕΣΙΑ ("Paligenesίa", Rebirth). This perspective distinguishes us from the theocratic dogmas that terrify their believers with "punishments" e.t.c. We love or hate completely outside the Judeo-Christian or karmic designs and dualisms. No dualism of "Good and Evil" exists in the Immortal Cosmos, nor such things as the miscellaneous "moralities" that all the dualistic dogmas spread among humanity. We become virtuous only because we choose to be such.

Our Gods are many and we understand them as completing the make-up of the Universal Sphere of Cosmos to its maximum potential and whole. Thus, from the ΔΩΔΕΚΑΕΔΡΟΝ ("Dodekάhedron") geometric shape (that fills up the sphere to its maximum) we imagine twelve planes, each one presenting a God inside the Cosmos and we define our Hellenic ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (Pάntheon, ΠΑΝ ΤΩΝ ΘΕΩΝ, All The Gods) as ΔΩΔΕΚΑΘΕΟΝ ("Dodekάtheon", Pantheon of The Twelve Gods).The Twelve Gods of ours live inside the Shpere of Cosmos and form its various behaviors. In the same way, the twelve Zodiacs represent twelve "energies" that reach Earth and live inside the humans and animals, thus forming various behaviors as well.

Our Twelve Gods are also called ΟΛΥΜΠΙΟΙ ("Olympioi", The Olympians) not because, as many want to believe, they.. dwell on Mt. Olympus, as the mountains with this name numbered not one but eighteen throughout the Hellenic World. This is just a poetic conception, similar to the one that wants Pan to dwell in the forests of Arcadia. The word "Olympus" comes from the verb ΛΑΜΠΩ ("lάmpein", shining). Our Twelve Gods are the "Shining Ones", and the real "Olympus" is not a geographical but a spiritual place, where the Gods really exist.

Another fact worth noting is that these Twelve Gods are not the same Twelve Gods for all Hellenes as some leave Dionysos out, some leave Hestia, e.t.c., replacing them with others. It is the number that counts, not the names of the Gods which in any case number in the thousands- and we must underline here that Hellenism honors and worships not only conscious forces and energies of Nature (as almost all Pagan religions do) but also abstract Ideas, such as Harmony, Eunomia, Justice, Freedom, Beauty, Luck, e.t.c. For us, the Ideas are alive and have form and consciousness; they are real deities that simply show themselves through the functions of the human mind.

A basic (“for beginners”) form of invocation of the Twelve Olympian Gods, a Pantheon that was worshiped at least since the 16th Century before the Judeo-Christian Era (they are named U-ru-pa-ja-jo in the Linear B inscription of Pylos), and openly until the 9th Century of our times (when the last remains of worship of the ethnic Hellenic Gods were exterminated in Lakonia, under the persecutions by "Saint" Nikon the so-called "Metanoite" i.e. "Repent") is the following:

(The Gods are being invoked in "couples" according to the elements and functions that each "couple" supervises).

* Hestia (the power or denization and of common ethos: all invocations start with her named first: " ΑΦ’ ΕΣΤΙΑΣ")
* The honored God or Goddess of the hellenic lunar month
* Hephaistos - Hestia (alternatively: Hermes - Hestia)
* Ares - Aphrodite
* Apollo - Artemis
* Hermes - Athena (alternatively: Hephaistos - Athena)
* Poseidon - Demeter
* Hera - Zeus

We must emphasize here that the "male" and "female" terms inside the Hellenic Pantheon have nothing to do with the sexism and dualism dwelling in the minds of narrow-minded followers of alien cultures. Our Gods have no genitals. The existence of six Gods and six Goddesses inside the Hellenic Pantheon only serves to declare the total balance of all elements and characteristics inside the Sphere of Cosmos. Understanding the structure, nature and distribution of the Cosmos in this way, Hellenism comes in open opposition to all one-sided and partial dogmas on Cosmos, such as "Monotheism", "Bitheism" e.t.c. Because of this, for centuries now, it has been attacked with all the weapons that the arsenal of its enemies contains, from the burnings and crucifixions by the christianized Romans of Contantinoupolis to the disinformation and slander of the modern servants of the Desert "God" Yahweh (in all their disguises). And it may sound odd, but both we and our enemies know that the power of Hellenism is more than that of a Cosmotheory or of a Religion. It's above all a political and social "how to" theory that means to "haunt" the Every Day Life with its high principles: Dignity, Freedom, Beauty, Honesty, Variety, Tolerance, Candor..

We represent an ethos and a cosmotheory, both deeply admirable, for they never allowed the existence of priestly castes, unquestioning obedience, fear or guilt. (Hellenism knows nothing about the word "sin"), dogma or "sacred" books. We are fighting for the Hellenic Dignity in a country totally dominated by an alien culture and cosmotheory, inside a world which is totally dominated by an alien culture and cosmotheory. We speak a language in which most of its deep meanings are impossible to translate into the widely spoken languages of today, a language that almost nobody can understand (nobody outside Greece can read our journal and books). From a strictly "strategic" perspective, we appear almost insane or, at least, "defeated in advance". But we know that we tread the correct path and that the Gods support us. Just by existing we win !

We are the revenge of the Ancient Psyche. We call into question almost every thought and act of this dying world enslaved to the Desert "God" Yahweh, almost every single behavior. And we are in full solidarity with all groups and movements, which work for the restoration of our traditional / indigenous ethos and religions, and also with all others which fight the multi-faceted war for Freedom, Tolerance, Respect for Nature and Democracy in all levels of Every Day Life.


The Old Testament is just ‘a load of old rubbish’, or less polite words to that effect! And there’s a good reason for this – in fact two good reasons.

The first one is to do with the testament itself. The second is to do with the knowledge of how the testament came about i.e. biblical archaeology. Both reasons provide plentiful evidence that it can’t be the word of a god, and that in fact it contra-indicates the existence of this god.

If you care to read the Old Testament, from go to whoa, carefully, and with serious intent to understand it, pausing to think about it, and contemplating each passage, you would almost certainly come to the following conclusions:

• The manuscript is a weird, hot-potch collection of strange and scarcely creditable verses and tales. Although individual verses may make sense, you would be hard pressed to make sense of the testament in its totality.

• The book of Genesis (as do those of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers etc., right through to Jeremiah) contain so many scientific and factual errors, not to mention contradictions, as to suggest that God must have been either playing a great joke on us or he is/was as ignorant of the world as were the dessert goat herders of ‘biblical times’. If the God of the old testament did indeed create the world, he certainly must have done it without any knowledge of physics, astronomy, meteorology, biology,…and just about every ‘ology’ you can think of.

• The entire Old Testament is full of absurdities, too many to list, but here’s a couple of many oversights out of Genesis:

4:25 And Adam knew his wife again: and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

4:26 And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

(Where did Seth find a wife, as there were only three other persons in existence: Adam, Eve and Abel? Incest?)

17:11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.

There are many foreskin passages. It would seem that God is more concerned with what to do with the end of one’s penis, than explaining a little about say, germ theory. Even a random scan through the Old Testament, and you’ll find such absurdities bountiful.

• Then there are numerous verses throughout the testament that contain cruelty (lots of that), injustice, violence, not to mention a raft of contradictions.

One could go on further, but you get the general idea. If these yarns were about a god who felt the need to create ‘man’ in his own image, you’d have to agree, this god is a fairly unsavoury, hypocritical ignoramus - hardly the sort of scoundrel you’d want to invite to dinner, let alone worship,

A good place to examine (on the internet) the veracity of both the Christian Bible and the Koran, is a site called “The Sceptics Annotated Bible”. This resource could help you come to the obvious conclusion: the Bible is bunkum.

Secondly, biblical archaeology is very convoluted and complex. One needs to consider whether the argument that the Bible represent the words ‘spoken’ by the Christian God and written down in its perfect form by humans, is convincing and creditable, or whether the weight of evidence comes down on the authorship being the hand and imagination of man? Unless you’ve already been pre-conditioned to accept the Bible as beyond reproach, it would be difficult not to conclude on the second argument.

The formation of the ‘modern’ bible traces a path through ancient myths that may at first have been compiled many centuries before the second century BCE. It appears to have had ‘genesis’ with old Hebrew texts, which, in turn, seemed to have borrowed from a number of ancient Greek mythologies. Creation stories are as old as humanity itself and have persisted in many guises, in many cultures over long periods, until the emergence of modern science in the 17th/18th centuries. The Christian version of events has passed through many translations: through languages obscure, ancient, and modern; through theological disputes, interpretations, misinterpretations, foul play and intrigues, mergers and de-mergers, editing and falsification…ad nauseam. Even to this day, different parts of different texts are recognised or rejected by different Christian churches: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Russian and Greek Orthodox, Evangelical and more, all have their own slant on the Old Testament. None of it points to the word of God.

(Please refer to the Wikipedia site ‘Bible’, for insight into the origin of the Old Testament.)

At the end of your research, ask yourself a few simple questions: do the verses of the Old (and New) Testament reflect the word, the thoughts and account of a loving, infallible, omniscient, omnipotent God? Or are they the attempts of ‘man’, in the absence of modern knowledge, to explain his origin and being? Could the testament’s archaeological past, this miasma of events, be how the Christian,Jewish,Jehovas Witnesses and Muslim God ordained it? Or does it only make sense if we conclude that this God is imaginary?

The Gods of the Greeks.

On the question of what gods, there is a great error and misinformation. The word god etymology (in dictionary D Gazis, issued under the Con. Karpola Olympian of the year 1839) of the verb God, run, restless conceived of the deity, ie, uninterrupted moving towards progress and development and therefore The word God can not be regarded as a designation of Cause procession of Nature (or else the Creator of Nature), and much more identified with the cause of the procession of Nature. Thus Gods are a psychic individuality located to evolutionary level beyond which the human (as above) rushing rapidly towards continued progress and growth of their forces.

But as understood nowadays the word God has two meanings, it means a) the cause of the procession of the universe (or the Creator of the Universe Authority or the Creator of the Universe) and b) the Spirit of God or God (eg God Mars ). Between these two concepts, there is a huge difference, because God as the cause of the procession of the universe (Creator) is the cause of the outbreak of Nature and God as a spiritual entity is the result of creation. The cause of the procession is the whole universe and God as a spiritual entity is individuality. The individuality (the spirit of God) is a part of the whole rather than the whole (the Creator of causes). Individualism (God Spirit) bear the entire sperm but not the whole, follows the course of the whole and is governed by the laws of the whole. Therefore, the characterization of Cause procession of Nature as God by Christians in the Middle Ages and was confusing just to deliberately created this confusion.
As is apparent, following the above, the expression of monotheistic religion or monotheism is meaningless because the meaning of the word God, as understood in the Greek language can not be attributed to the cause of the Creative Universe. Also, the denial of the existence of spiritual hierarchies, whose members, according to the Greeks, are the gods (spirits) leads to the denial of the existence and operation of the universal laws of development, the existence and operation of which is evident in the contemporary spiritual man who has been eluded by medieval obscurantism.

The attempt by certain monotheistic religions to replace the spiritual hierarchies with "angels" (Jewish creation / tradition) or the "saints" (Christian creation / tradition) is incomplete because a) default is static situation because there is neither a further evolution of the saints, but nor the apotheosis of man and the endless evolution in the spiritual hierarchy and the man who must bear with him as the so-called "original sin" and the only favorable to him is the entrance to "heaven", which will remain in a state of eternal stagnation and b) leaves many questions about the ethics of so-called "saints" example: it can be upgraded to a level beyond human a common criminal and canonization? What happened to the "great and holy and Equal to the Apostles' Emperor Constantine, who was canonized, despite the criminal's past, it has provided political cover to Christianity.

Thus the view expressed by some writers or editors articles that our ancestors were monotheists are at least naive. Made by those who are either trying to prove that everything from the Greeks (even the monotheism of the biblical religions) and deliberately distorting the views of our ancient ancestors, or have misinterpreted the ancient texts (what perisothikan the destructive fury of the Christians ) from their inability to penetrate the subtle meanings of philosophers. The Greeks, therefore, believed and believe in the existence of Spiritual hierarchies, whose members are the gods of various levels and therefore were polytheists. The views expressed Pythagorean philosopher that "Gods and the Gods speak 'as we say that we have the gods of the earth's environment so the gods of the earth's environment and these are their gods, etc. states clearly the importance of these hierarchies. Certainly, after this, there remains the question about the faith of the Greeks to the Creator.

Greeks were not employed, nor particularly concerned about the issue Cause of the Creator because the Creator cause is not an intellectual individual to appeal to it for help, or is reasonably conceivable Creator Cause to come to an individuality to the assist. The Greeks worship their Creator in the event is manifested by the worship they attach to the Divine Nature, which is the apparent expression of the Creator Cause, which were and are lovers. So they had established festivals in the equinoxes and the committees of the Sun (Natural Celebrations), eg Flower Festival before the spring equinox, etc. At the same time the initiates into the mysteries "behind closed doors" were special ceremonies at the equinoxes and the committees of the Sun (see the chapter "On the Natural Holiday ') so recoverable their adoration to the Divine Nature which is brought to the human soul (Logic Paradigm - Autumnal Equinox), enabling it to develop the epistemic level (Cognitive Paradigm - Winter sion of the Sun), enabling it to achieve spiritual regeneration (Sofia - Spring Equinox) and gave her the opportunity to gain immortality (Apotheosis - Summer Committee of the sun).
The Greek national with the word God mean only the Spirit of God, whom they regard as personal, intellectual and conscious existence that has evolved beyond the human level and not the cause of the procession of the universe (or Creator). The identification of the concept of cause procession of the universe in the sense of God (spirit) leads man to confusion. A Greek national mean not only the ancient Greeks and modern which is harmonized and impregnated by the beliefs and spirit of our ancient ancestors. But what is really gods - spirits?

Gods (spirits) are individual cognitive and conscious beings, crossed by the forms of the Worlds and then developed, which is the result of evolution. The laws of the Creator in action through the ongoing transformations brought these entities initially in the state of conscious and intellectual beings, and from there to the status of God (Spirit), to govern the response to those known mental beings. The relationship of God (Spirit) to come upon this mental beings governed by a harmonic law, the Law of Love. Therefore man must to the gods (spirits) only because they love and is governed by this Act harmony with others, has the same love to manifest and to his fellowmen. The Greek national not attribute to worship their gods but love. Worship attach only to the great Pan (Universe or Divine Nature), which is why it is lovers. Please note that the gods there is another point of view according to which the gods are not conscious entities but are considered as dynamic events of Zeus, creator and symbols of the great images of Nature and not separate mental individuality. This view coincides with monotheism, and therefore does not accept the apotheosis of man.

Gods (spirits) are minds that have made the reformatory that circle from which it could gain eternal organic means and so dominated the consciousness of the Infinite as having divine Will. Eternal organic medium is a body not subject to the process of death and the spiritual body. All consciousness of Nature endowed promoted to the realm of pure knowledge and become divine consciousness with endless changes in infinite time. In the Greek tradition of the Gods, as mentioned above, is a product of evolution of the human spirit and the mysteries leitourgisanta designed to show the secrets of the road to the apotheosis. As the man with the intellect and the possibilities of ensuring the organic nature is the main regulator and the natural forces of nature environment and thus dominating them, so the gods are main laws and forces of the natural and spiritual worlds above and not just symbols of the great images of Nature.

The attributes of God (spirit) are not these the qualities of the Creator Cause, for God (spirit) is a personal individuality and personal acting is genius, whose boundaries are limited. Osondipote assuming advanced cognitive personality (even if it is intellectually very superior human) energy rays dianoiseos is not possible to pass in perpetuity and extend in this limitless. Dianoiseos rays of the Gods (which is mental personalities), acting on a particular world and have relations only with him. If God (spirit) was the creator of worlds derivatives such mental beings would not have limited intellect, which would be relevant to the institutions. The limitation of intelligence as mental beings, which is fixed by the organs of intelligence, is proof that these creatures are. The intellect of beings, but all intellect, not creative cause but a result. The mind is the creative source of another superior intellect and this is the proliferation of the vigor. The mental energy of God's spirit to explore the causes of creation. On the knowledge of the causes of the creation of God (spirit) establishes the relationship with the cognitive actions of other beings because of this relationship depends on the progress of.

As is apparent, following the above, the expression of monotheistic religion or monotheism is meaningless because the meaning of the word God, as understood in the Greek language can not be attributed to the cause of the Creative Universe. Also, the denial of the existence of spiritual hierarchies, whose members, according to the Greeks, are the gods (spirits) leads to the denial of the existence and operation of the universal laws of development, the existence and operation of which is evident in the contemporary spiritual man who has eluded by medieval obscurantism.

 In making every effort for our readers to get a better understanding we offer:


The Hellenic National Religion is a traditional religion, as opposed to what is called monotheistic religions (or, according to Spengler, cosmopolitan religions of the late antiquity). Other traditional religions are, for instance, Hinduism, Taoism, the Northern Tradition (including Odinism, Asatru and Vanatru), Druidry, Northern Buddhism etc. These traditional religions, in our view, are not nature-religions; on the contrary, they all stem from an extremely high level civilization that ended abruptly with one major catastrophe, namely the Cataclysm that took place around 10000 BC. We identify this high level civilization as the Golden Generation (according to the poet Hesiodus). Traditional religions are, in this context, the remnants of this civilization that survived within each and every local regeneration of civilized human societies. In this sense, all traditional religions share the same truth and carry many identical beliefs. Interestingly, the whole of the truth was not preserved equally in every ethnic tradition. For example Hinduism has excellent knowledge of the Genesis of the Cosmos, but did not preserve accurately the part concerning the evolution of the Psyche (Soul) in the Divine level. There are several unimportant differences among them, stemming from the differences of ethnic character, mentality, language, environment, etc. We believe that each ethnic tradition suits best the specific ethnic group that preserved it through the centuries. In the Hellenic National Religion, we observe the Hellenic religion. As an ethnic religion, the Hellenic National Religion opposes all monotheistic religions, because they tend to create their own ethnicity, and destroy traditional ethnic basis. The Hellenic National Religion is a true religion because it provides answers to the final and extreme questions of Man: What is the Cosmos? Where does it stem from? What is the fate of the Cosmos? What is Man? Where does he stem from? What is the fate of Man? What is a God?...........

Cosmologic Principles

The basic Cosmologic principles of the Hellenic National Religion derive from Orphean theology, as preserved through the centuries in the Fragmenta Orphicorum. Other sources are the Orphean Hymns to the Gods and the living oral tradition, which was never extinguished, although it survived underground:

The Cosmos [viewed as the infinite multitude of Universes (conglomerates of matter), within the infinite Space and perpetual Time] has always existed, is self-motivated, self-regulated and ever-changing (evolving).
The Natural Law (in its broadest conception) was never created, but always existed virtually, in the pre-creative state of our Universe, the "unspeakable principium".
The Cosmos (either viewed as the infinite multitude of Universes or as the World) is a value. So is Man and Life in its broadest conception.
Conscience and Higher Conscience are produced by the ever-evolving Cosmos; obviously, they appear later in the creation process.
The Cosmos is a physical system that has no place for arbitrary non-physical entities (like "evil"). The Cosmos is not opposed by any power. History is cyclic and never-ending. Every Universe in the Cosmos expands and contracts consecutively, governed by the physical laws (and only by them); there is neither an ethical meaning in these titanic phenomena, nor a cause, external to the Cosmos.

Compliance with Modern Science

To put it in a different way, the Cosmology of the Hellenic traditional religion is absolutely compliant with present-day Physics (Relativity, Quantum mechanics, Nuclear physics), Mathematics (post-Eucledian Geometries, Topology), Astronomy and Cosmology, and the theory of non-linear Dynamics (Chaos). For an excellent review of modern Cosmology and theory of creation see: Karel Velan: "The Multi-Universe Cosmos", Plenum Press, New York, 1992. On the contrary, the Hellenic traditional religion is absolutely non-compliant with, and opposed to the "Big-Bang" hypothesis of creation and all hypotheses containing "Singularity", either amended or non-amended: All these hypotheses have been constructed to suit a (monotheistic) view of the Cosmos, where a super-Natural being, external to the system, ordered the indefinable "Singularity" to explode.

Evolution of Man

The evolution of Man can be achieved only in harmony with the Rhythm of the Cosmos, and in accordance with the Divine Law of Evolution. Man becomes virtuous when he realizes the Natural Law and works to the same direction with It. With Science and Arts, and by preserving the enviroment, Man joins, and can be integrated to, the Rhythm of the Cosmos. From a certain level and up, Man can only evolve by serving his community, city, state and nation. The utmost service was always considered to be self-sacrifice in the battle, by which the Citizen earns transition to the first step of the higher order of evolution of the Psyche: He becomes a Hero.

Evolution of the Community

The service of Man to his community, city, state and nation has the purpose to help the community evolve as a whole. These groups of people, according to the Hellenic religion, evolve by practicing freely their own customs, celebrate their own solemn festivals in public, and worship divinity in their own way. It follows that any tendency to proselytize or to impose one's customs, festivals and religion to anybody, has always been considered a blasphemy, in the context of the traditional Hellenic religion. In our time, we consider that not only as a blasphemy, but as racism too. We oppose any kind of missionary approach of other cultures. They disturb spiritual evolution of others and are deleterious to national dignity and national economy. They prepare modern day slavery.

Psyche-Mind-Brain: Theogony

The Psyche is a material entity, an essential particle, generated exactly in the same way as the rest of Matter , from the unification of the two Primordial Substances, the Continuous and the Particulate (the Finite Unit and the Indefinite Dyad of the Pythagoreans). This reaction is governed by Eros . The Psyche is imprinted with experiences, leading to expansion of its Decorations, as it evolves through inorganic, organic and living Matter. Late in this evolutionary process, Conscience appears, as an attribute of Mind. The Mind is an organ composed of subtle Matter, closely connected to the Brain, a coarsely material organ. The Mind serves the Conscience during incarnation of the Psyche. Up to a certain point in evolution of Man, incarnation of the Psyche is imperative, in order for its Decorations to be preserved. Preservation of the Decorations is an energy consuming process; this energy is provided by the living body, until the Psyche becomes able to acquire energy directly from the environment. This point of the evolutionary process corresponds to the threshold of Divinity. The evolution of the Psyche is neither a linear, nor a predetermined process, as this would violate the freedom of choice of the Psyche. Once in the Divine level, the Psyche evolves further, in a non-linear manner, and with ever increasing difficulty, and becomes a Hero, a Demon, a God, an Olympian God and further on, achieving heights of divine glory that Man cannot conceive; this level is called, by the Hellenic religion, "The Night", meaning that we cannot see in it. In the Divine level, the Psyche retains its self, personality and character. Historically, our Gods and Goddesses have always been worshiped.  Our Gods are a multitude of apportioned immortal beings, self-energizing and self-sufficient 'forces', not personalities, that inhabit this 'Unity' that gave birth to itself. They are the multiple expressions of this Unity that give substance and order to the Cosmos and keep it interconnected and harmonious. (Collectively all our Gods represent the powers of nature, that make up the Cosmos - together they represent the one true God of Nature).    In summary, one can say that the Cosmos has an inherent tendency to produce Conscience and develop it to the infinite heights of Divinity.

Gods-Goddesses-Divine Law

According to the Hellenic religion, the Gods did/do not create the Cosmos; on the contrary, they represent highest order products of the Cosmos. They cannot violate the Natural Law; on the contrary they observe and supervise the Law. The Natural Law has twelve divisions, six concerning the Continuous Substance, and six the Particulate. Six Olympian Gods, of the male gender, supervise the laws of the former, and six, of the female gender, supervise the laws of the latter. The two sacred Essential Substances are of equal importance to the Cosmos; so are the Gods and Goddesses, Male and Female, acting in harmony.

Our religion is for the moment underground as there is much discrimination, in our country. The celebrations are not solemn and are performed mostly in private; very seldom in public, and very cautiously; we run the risk of being accused as Satanists, which will not be tolerated by our social environment. Nevertheless, we do celebrate the following:

The full moon, every month. At the same occasion we worship the God of the month, as follows:
Hera (7th) Gamelion, Moon of January
Poseidon (8th) Anthestirion, Moon of February
Athena (Minerva) (9th) Elaphivolion, Moon of March
Aphrodite (Venus) (10th) Mounichion, Moon of April
Apollon (11th) Thargilion, Moon of May
Hermes (12th) Skirophorion, Moon of June
Zeus (Jupiter) (1st) Hecatomvaion, Μοοn of July
Dimitra (Demeter) (2nd) Metageitnion, Moon of August
Hestia (Vesta) (3rd) Voidromion, Moon of September
Aris (Mars) (4th) Pyanepsion, Moon of October
Artemis (Diana) (5th) Maimaktirion, Moon of November
Hephestus (Vulcan) (6th) Poseideon, Moon of December
The 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox: Anthesteria, the lesser Mysteries, in honour of Dionysus and the souls of the deceaced.
The 1st full moon after the Summer Solstice: Olympia (Olympic Games every 4 years), in honour of Zeus & Hera.
The 1st full moon after the Fall Equinox: Elefsinian (greater) Mysteries, in honour of Dimitra & Persefoni.
The 1st full moon after the Winter Solstice: Pythia at Delphi, in honour of Dionysus and Apollon.

There is of course a huge number (about 400) of other known ancient festivals that nobody celebrates (as such) for the time being. It should be noted that the totality of Greek Orthodox Christian festivals stem from ancient Greek (pagan)  festivals, that the Hellenic people never gave up, so the Orthodox-Christian church thought appropriate to embody, for the purpose of making the people forget the real meaning and origin of the festivals.


Ελληνική Εθνική Θρησκεία και Τιμή
Hellenic National (ethnic) Religion and Honour

* In the world of today, mankind will only be saved from its spiral downwards towards a decadent existence from the renaissance and re awakening of the Holy Hellenic Spirit.

* Στον κόσμο του σήμερα, η ανθρωπότητα θα σωθεί μόνο από το φαύλο κύκλο του προς τα κάτω, προς μια παρακμιακή ύπαρξη από την εκ νέου αναγέννηση και αφύπνιση του Ιερού Ελληνικού Πνεύματος.

Hellenism is greater and more important than Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Love and loyalty to Hellas and all things Hellenic is everything to us.

Ο ελληνισμός είναι ανώτερος και πιο σημαντικός από τον Χριστιανισμό, τον Ιουδαϊσμό και το Ισλάμ.

Η αγάπη και η αφοσίωση στην Ελλάδα και όλα τα πράγματα που είναι ελληνικά είναι το παν για εμάς. 



  1. I love your flow of information; you started with the importance of preserving the Greek
    identity, the danger of globalism, and the threat of mixed marriages to the Greeks, it is
    great how you show that the church that is thought of as a Greek orthodox church, might
    be the instrument that dismantle the Greek identity with mix marriages with people that prescribe to the same church such as the Slovak people. It is worth mentioning that your description to the ancient Greek religion as the only unifying and preserving for the Greek identity is very valid, for it was made in Greece for Greeks. The link of the Greek gods to nature is fascinating; many people did not go that much in depth to understand that glorious lost wise religion. The Greeks gave us the modern western civilization throughout the ages including the age of enlightenment; it is the Greek duty to preserve them selves as a great nation, so they can contribute more to mankind.

  2. Iam glad you enjoyed the article.Yes the Orthodox christian religion does open the door to mixed marriages with other christians from other nationalities.Thank you also for your encouraging comments.

  3. Excellent! As a Hellene who in the past 15 years has denounced christianity,and has returned to pure Hellenism,i sign this decree and hope that more Hellenes will return to the arms of Apollo and Athena! Great work,congradulations. Dr.ioannis Psomiadis,Katerini,Macedonia,Hellas

  4. Thank you Dr I. Psomiadis for your kind words of encouragement! There is much more that needs to be done, it is people like yourself that lift our spirit so as to be able to carry on this work.

    However any assistance from our many friends is always appreciated and accepted with good-will!

    We need someone with the correct knowledge to write for us a "Hellenic Religious National Hymn", based on our religion, on the God Apollo and to include the word "ΥΠΕΡΜΑΧΩ" and to be sung to the same tune and melody of the christian IPERMAHO!


  5. ΕΥΓΕ good work , continue your path with honour