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We love the Hellenic National Religion and Honour


The Prometheus festival is the top event highlighting the ancient Hellenic spirit. Inspired and realized by the Stockholm University Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Tryphon Olympios, it has now gained the status of a pan-Hellenic institution, as it now enters its' 18th year of continuous presence.
A multitude of visitors from Greece and abroad gather every year at the fabulous natural surroundings of the Prometheus site at the foot of “Mount Olympus” to, exchange opinions, honour the ancient Hellenic philosophers, who are the fathers of the Hellenic Nation, to breathe the refreshing air of the countryside, to camp their tents and to spend the night talking and stargazing on the “Symbolic Spiritual Mountain of the Gods”. And of course, to get initiated to our ancestral spirit by watching the events of the Promethean drama and the Promethean fire that have been the cornerstone of the Hellenic worldview and the Hellenic culture. These events (Saturday night, day two of the festival) attract thousands of visitors due to the deep emotional and mystical atmosphere they invoke. Following the main event is a Dionysian celebration until late in the night. On Sunday morning (day three of the festival) cleansing, name-giving and marital ceremonies take place, according to the rituals of the Hellenic National Religion, the pre-Christian tradition.

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